Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm Thankful

I keep thinking I will have time to post some pictures of all that we have been up to lately..but then its another day, another late night and, well you know how it goes. So I decided to just do a quick post about a few things I'm grateful for right now. I have a smooth round stone in my bathroom, in a pottery crock with some other stones and water in it. The stone says "Gratefulness". Its just a simple reminder to myself to ALWAYS remember my simple (and profound) blessings God has given me.

SO just twenty quick things I'm thankful for RIGHT NOW in my life.

* My goofy, fun, complicated, wonderful, loving, HUSBAND. Love him so much.
* My three spirited, opinionated, loving, smart, active, crazy KIDS. They crack me up.
* A tiny little spunky cute miniature horse, who has helped to heal my heart in many ways.
* Tastefully Simple's Oh My Chai tea. Heaven in a cup, and I'm not kidding about that!
* Woodstove and lots of kindling that my hubby chopped for me before his trip to S. Dakota
* Being able to homeschool my girls, and the neat experiment we did extracting DNA from an COOl.
* Folding laundry with the girls today, and suddenly all squealing and piling on my bed.
* Canned salmon in the pantry to have in the winter months ahead. SO yum.
* Warm boots when I go out to feed my horses in all this SNOW.
* My mom, who came over tonight to watch a movie, after we went out for pizza on a wim.
* Chena's experiences on her new basketball team, playing for my old high school. Nostalgia!
* My grandmother's dress that she wore to my wedding..she's gone now but I have that dress, and it still smells like her house. That dress has so much meaning for me.
* Friends who show me the true meaning of friendship and loyalty, and those who do not. Both.
* The new Taylor Swift song, Speak Now, which reminds me of what a goofy girl I once was at a certain somebody's wedding.
* Pizza boxes that burn quickly in the woodstove, destroying the evidence of ordering out. :)
* Chena playing the piano and singing yet another Justin Beiber song to me..
* My clean van. And also when its a pigsty.
* My lipstick, Wet and Wild 505A. Which is not made anymore, by the way. I'm making it last!
* Celebrating 16 years of marriage to my sweetie.
* Blue toenail polish with silver sparkles on top, applied by my fashionista daughters.
* Eggnog. It just came out on the shelves for the holiday. Mmmmmm.
* My new fleece sheets. Seriously cozy. And I'm waaaaay into cozy...
* A camera at least as fast as my daughters on the basketball court.
* Reading Treasure Island aloud to my girls on the couch, and doing the pirate accents. :)

What's on YOUR list of "I'm thankful" this year?


Kim said...

I can relate to so much of your list! We love a good pirate accent, too (although I read from the picture book "How I Became a Pirate" to the twins).

Mere said...

I love your list!! You're such a good mom <3

Love, Mere