Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Feeding Time!

I love watching my cowboy, he is so wonderful about heading out to feed the horses on cold days, knowing I would FREEZE out there. He is such a sweet husband.

It was twenty four below zero this morning. I did NOT take these pics today. Its too cold for me, I'm a wimp.

Is it time to eat?

Yes, I think its time to eat. Hey guys, its time to eat!

Hmmm, are you sure? I'm heading down there just in case.

C'mon lets go, there he is!

Mmmmm. Thanks Cowboy Man.


Denise K. said...

WOW...24 below is colder than I have ever experienced!! A few weeks ago it was 16 below at the coldest and it took my breath away making me cough each time I breathed in. What kinds of clothes do you wear when you go out? Are there any particular brands that you swear by to keep your family warm? Since we live in a colder climate than CA, I need help! As always Geri, thank you for your encouragement during this difficult time for our family. I soooo appreciate you!

twinmama said...

What beautiful pictures! Wow, I couldn't imagine 24 below! I would also be interested in what type of outdoor gear you use to protect yourself. I figure it works in Alaska, then it would work in Ohio (though we rarely see temperatures close to 0 in these parts.)

Happy New Year! I wish your family much blessings in 2009!