Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Cards Through the Years

I was putting away some cards, and found many of our old Christmas photo cards from past years. I decided to scan them into the computer, in case they are ever lost. Its fun to look back at them! So many changes over the years. Pets come and gone. Lex graduated, and now so far away in Germany. Girls growing up so darn fast. Life is never dull, and God throws us some amazing blessings along the way.

I thought it might be fun to put these here for our friends and family to glance back through the years. So in hopefully chronological order, here they are:

I don't know what year this one is, but Penelope is pretty small! If we had coordinated our sweaters, it might have been a good picture...hee hee. I love our wood pile behind us, it represents a LOT of work from my hard-working man.

I thought I had it figured out with doing black and white pics! No special clothing required, righto? Well our photographer told me that pink and yellow make a prettier white than I bought matching pink and black outfits for the girls anyway. LOL. Lex was still young enough to not care about his hair. Love it. And those horses in the girls' arms, they still love 'em to this day.

I like the blue and white wintery feel to this one. I remember the hole in Penelope's jeans and how I hoped it would not be noticed by anyone but me.

This was the year we got Summer, and he was such a dream horse for his first Christmas card photo. He looked right at the camera, and wore his garland so proudly. We took this down at our lake, and it was sooooo cold out, but nice and sunny! This was our first family photo without Lex.
This was 2005.

I had trouble getting everyone home at the same time, so finally decided that for the first time ever, it would be just the girls. Of course they wanted the dogs too, so we put Moses in harness and hitched him to the sled. I bought Pluto a hat and scarf, but he would not wear the hat. LOL. Moses put up with the Santa hat with his usual sweet patience. This was 2006.

We took this down at the lake again, on another cold day. This time Michael was our photographer, and he even picked out our clothes! I love how it turned out. He was so funny, and (revealing a big secret here) he even picked and "planted" the red berries around us. This was 2007.

And that brings us to 2008, this year's card. I wanted a picture of all of us, but Michael was away for business meetings for over a week, around the time I wanted to take this year's photo. I decided to take a couple of quick pics, with the girls and our new mini horse, Mukluk. He was not too fond of the garland, and thought it was a snake that might bite him! So with only a bit of daylight to work with at all, I snapped some pics and called it good. I was happy to find a card with some matching trim, and my girls' smiles make the card for me! Plus, Mukluk is the best Christmas present I ever got!
Tune in next year! You never know what we might add to the photo!


Linda said...

You know, I've always wanted to ask! I'm glad that you showed us! You talk of 3 kids in your title, but I only ever see the girls in photos. Thank goodness when I send off my firstborn--it's only going to be a couple of hours away! It must be hard.

Kim said...

It's amazing how much the kids change from year to year, but you and your husband look the same!

Joy said...

How cute! I did something similar on my blog a while back. I need to go back and scan some of the older ones.

Casii said...

Really cool! Little Mukluk is the cutest.

Carole said...

What nice Christmas cards you've done over the years! I've also wanted to do the photo card thing, but DH never wants to, so we send boring storebought cards, I'm jealous, yours are really lovely. Happy New Year to you and yours!

twinmama said...

Great cards! I think that is wonderful tradition - hopefully one that my family can start next year.(Now I just have to convince twindada!)

Kristine said...

Beautiful pictures!! I couldn't zoom in on them to get a closer look, but they look great from a distance! My favorite is the blue/winter/snowflake look! Happy New Year!

Danae said...

Where do the days go? Love looking back at them and seeing the growth and change. I have everyone of them too! Thanks for not giving up on me even though I haven't sent a Christmas card in at least 5 years! Love you cuz!!

The Empty Envelope said...

What a great idea! Such sweet photos.

KraftyKerilou said...

These are great! So fun to look back and see how the kids have grown through the years! Now your son is all grown and overseas! I trust he is doing well. Bless you all!