Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Year in Review

I am shaking my head that 2009 could even be here. It seems like something that would only be on the front of a Prince album or something....ya know? I must take a moment here to at least reflect and remember what 2008 was all about. What did I learn? How did I change? What kind of example was I to others? A bad warning!? How not to run your life? I dunno. Its possible. Don't tell me...just be kind. I mean, if I am the face that comes to mind when you think about all the mistakes you don't want to make, just don't tell me. Write it on my tombstone someday.

You guys all know I cannot do a blog post without photos. Its just one of those things I cannot do. Like clean under the driver's seat in my van, take my husband's advice cheerfully, whistle, yodel, or go a day without talking to my horses.

I have decided to reflect back on this year, and post a few pics as the urge hits me. But, just in case you are one of my faithful and have been so for over a year, I promise not to post any pics I have already posted here on this blog. I promise.

Not really. In fact, if I want to post a pic that you are already really sick of, I'm just going to do it. Just sayin. You can complain all about it in your comments. But really, do you want to start my new year off that way? Have some decency! Have some compassion! Have some coffee! No, I mean it. Have some coffee. Then make me a cup.

The year started with me playing a wife in the play The King and I. I should have known in the auditions when they made you bow and keep bowing...that was the most important job of the king's wives. Bow and act worshipful. Not too complicated. But then they added bow, act worshipful, and look Asian. Hmmm, that was a little tougher. So that's when I dyed my hair jet black. Yes, you heard me right. Now shut up and lead me past ALL mirrors for at least a year. Who knew.

In Febrary we finished up the play, and got to stay home for awhile. We spent lots of time just hanging out with our horses, and playing in the snow.

We had such a fun Easter! Nana and Poppa had just returned from Hawaii. While they were there, they sent each of our families a coconut in the mail. So we cracked the coconut and I scraped out the meat. I dyed the coconut green, for grass, and then made Easter basket cupcakes. They were a big hit at our family Easter egg hunt!

How could I think of anything else for the month of April, but LONDON????????? I was able to travel with a girlfriend to London, England on April 14th. It was a fab-oooooo-lous trip! I loved every minute! We saw the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, posed with Princess Diana's wedding carriage, toured the inside treasures of Windsor Castle, saw five plays..Wicked, Chicago, The Sound of Music, Joseph, and Les Miserables. We also went to some amazing museums, including the British Museum of Natural History, where we saw the actual real genuine Rosetta Stone! I also got to see George Clooney in person, at a London Premiere. We had high tea, low tea, and Starbucks. You guess which one I pick. I have to post at least a few pics of London and Windsor here, because hard to believe..I never blogged about my trip. I just had too much to say to blog about it. That might not make sense, but did you already forget who you were talking to? Nuff said.

Chena went to horse camp in May. This year they said she was ready to move up from Junior Camp, and go to Advanced Senior Camp. I was not sure I was ready though! She ended up going, and was the second youngest camper there. All the other girls were older teens. She took our new horse, Whisper, and did just fine. In fact, she started Whisper in jumping, and ended up winning Reserve High Point Champion. She was pretty excited and cannot wait for next year.

Penelope went to horse camp in June. This was her first year to go to horse camp. She did great! She took our horse Summer, and handled him beautifully. It was a big job for her to do all of his care by herself, and she learned a lot. I stayed down in Ninilchik during both girls' camps, so I could be near if anything went wrong with either of our horses.

Penelope entered the horse show at the end of the camp week, and earned blue ribbons in each event she entered. I was so proud of her and Summer for all of their effort and progress!

As soon as we returned from Ninilchik, I received word that our new puppy was ready to be delivered! We bought a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy, and named her Dandelion. Her full name is Mavrik's Dandy Little Lion. We were SO EXCITED to finally get her home with us!

Also in June we had the best Father's Day ever, when we visited the Moose Research Center. It is a facility run by our Alaska Fish and Game, and they raise moose for research, at huge pens in a remote area. This year they had some new orphaned calves to bottle feed and raise, and we were invited out to the pens to help socialize the babies, since Michael is one of their pilots.

It was seriously one of the MOST MEMORABLE experiences we had all year. We got to hug them, kiss them, and play with them! They acted like a soft fuzzy leggy litter of hooved puppies. We had NO idea that they would be so lovable! We will never forget Beverly, Jose, Nugget, Yuri, Volga, and Minnie. Here is Penelope taking a nap in the moss with Nugget (10 days old)

July was fun and busy! We spent many many hours playing in our lake with friends and neighbors, especially on the EXTRA HUGE Slip-N-Slide our neighbor made on his hill.

The girls loved playing American Girl dolls out on the lawn with their fellow AG lovers.

We had our annual family picnic, with over 100 people at our house on the Fourth of July. This was our 11th year! Wow.

We had our sawdust money pit we always have. Its a huge hit with the little guys (and the big guys too!)

Later in July, Penelope took her bunny, Mossy Meadow, to a local day care, and did a presentation, as part of her 4-H project requirements.

We went to Fairbanks in August. Its about a 12 hour drive, but the scenery is so beautiful, I really love it. We took Dandelion with us, and drive with my mom in her car. It was a wonderful trip!

September on our lake. I took all of our girls' "school pictures" near our home

We went to the miniature horse farm in October. Here we are with Mukluk's (Sweet Troubles Roscoe) father.

Penelope started English riding, and Chena continued her jumping at Ridgeway Farm.

In November we added a mini horse named Mukluk to our Litzen Zoo. Here he is on his first day here. He's sooooo cute and sooo much fun!

December was a flurry of activity. We started out way too busy, and learned through trial and error to slow down and enjoy the season. Here's my cutie, Penelope, on Christmas Eve at my Nana and Poppa's house.

And there we are! What a year! Looks like we had a LOT of fun with animals, kids, travel, and friends! How blessed indeed.

And now I'm off and running again, to see our friend's new litter of puppies they just added to their 27 dog mushing team!

Happy New Year!


Disneypal said...

What a terrific blog entry! How great to look back on the year and see all your family has done - your pics are terrific.

Denise K. said...

WOW, what a year in a review! I was so impressed with your Christmas letter, and reading about all the fun events in your family in your blog post and seeing the photos just brought it all to life! What a fulfilling, wonderful, and inspirational life you lead! I feel like I know you too and can't wait to see what awesome things are in store for your family in 2009! Many blessings today and always, Denise :-)

The Empty Envelope said...

I love your hair black!! And London! *swoon* I need to get myself to Europe one of these days.

Great blog post!

KraftyKerilou said...

THis was a great blog post. You are a busy gal! i must say, however, that you need to get a London album started!! You must have some scrapbook supplies hanging around somewhere!! I enjoyed all of the photos and stories that went with them!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

What an awesome year!!!

I LOVE the Easter Baskets!!!!
London? Cool!
George Clooney? OH MY!!!!
Snuggles with baby Moose? Fun!

And that adorable puppy!
Those are my faves...

What a great year!!!!

Carole said...

Your blog is so fun and interesting to read, and your year in review was great, especially since I didn't "find" you until about 6 months ago, now I'm sort of "caught up"! I am really looking forward to going through 2009 with you here!

twinmama said...

I enjoyed this post so much! The pictures and the descriptions were amazing! You truly have a blessed and interesting life!

I really like how you appreciate all of the people, animals and things around you. You seem like you have a close family and enjoy your kids very much. Reading your blog really puts things in perspective for me about how I want to raise my girls and live my life.

Robin @ Heart of Wisdom said...

Wish you lived closer becasue I would love to have lunch with you.

Love your horses. The mini is too cute!

London- how exciting.

I'm reading Les Miserables now.

Do corgis bark much? We want a little dog and I always liked corgis. But dh doesn't want hyper or barker.

Thanks for the blog idea-- at the end of 2009 I'm going to post highlight. Neat.

Speaking of Easter, I need a pair of tulip shaped sunglasses for a prop.If you see any let me know.