Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In the Valley of Random near the Cave of Whatever

I have been going through some pictures to start a new scrapbook, and so I decided to throw out some pics that have no theme or purpose...just bits of random. Just pics I enjoy that have meaning to me, or invoke a memory or a moment.

Above: Beautiful fireweed near our lake.
Friends and miniature golfing!

First Geocache!

My old buddy, Daffodil. I miss that girl.

My Reborn doll....doesn't she look so real?

Four new boy cousins! A huge bundle of sweetness.

Penelope turns nine...and has an International Dress Up party. She is from Sweden!

Chena and a fuzzy friend....choosing our new bunnies!

Me and the girls with our mini horses, Spring and Autumn.

Katchemak Bay in the Homer Harbor, on the way to go halibut fishing. Yippee! (I seriously love halibut fishing and halibut EATIN!)

Birthday cake for Daddy. The girls decorated it all themselves, with their Playmobile!

Penelope and Spring. We were teaching Spring to "sit" like a dog. Mildly successful...

Full moon in the mountain pass on the way to Anchorage. It was SOOOO gorgeous. I will never forget the sight.

Forget girlie giggling...this was full-blown CRACKIN' UP! :)

Penelope about to dive off of our plane, at our cabin near Mt McKinley.


Loquacious said...

I love all of these! The moon over the pass is breathtaking. Just stunning.

And aren't you gorgeous! Look at you with your girls. You make me slightly jealous- you look so young, energetic and full of life!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE random pictures!!!!!


The Empty Envelope said...

Gorgeous photos!!!

Mandi said...

I love those pictures, and with Norah Jones playing in the background, it makes it all so beautiful! I loved the picture of Katchemak Bay and the mountains and full moon! All so gorgeous!

Denise K. said...

Great photos and such fond memories to go with them! I love your life!!!!!!! :-)

KraftyKerilou said...

Wonderful photos. I miss anything green and blossoming. The cake looks yummy, and the Moon pic is my fave!

Carole said...

I love love love all your pictures - may your camera never break!