Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Killer Omelets

In our family, we love omelets. I mean, we REALLY love our omelets. We call them Killer Omelets, and we sometimes devote a whole night to them. We even make omelets while out camping, where you cook them in a bag over boiling water...but that's another post.

I like to put surprises in my omelets. I like to try new combinations of meat, veggies, and cheeses. I'm not usually too adventurous with food, but somehow my egg-loving-ness makes it alright.

I start with my trusty omelet maker. I got this baby for $3.50 at a garage sale about six years ago. So you could say its earned its keep. Its shaped like an omelet, has two parts, and is hinged in the middle.

Mix three eggs with a bit of milk or cream. Cream will make them fluffier, but I often only have milk. Whip until foamy.
Grease your omelet pan, and pour 2/3 egg into the "bottom" part and the last 1/3 into what will become your "top" of your omelet. You will be able to tell which is which, because the hinged part without the handle is obviously what you will close to complete your creation and "stack" it on the other part, like a sandwich.
Turn on medium high heat.
While the eggs start to cook, I saute my mushrooms in another small pan, with butter and fresh-pressed garlic. Lots of garlic. :)

After the eggs have started to firm up (wiggle the pan to see how much liquid you have left) turn the heat down and add your "fixins" to the bottom half of your omelet. I like to use a combination of cheeses, such as swiss, mozzarella, cheddar, pepper jack, etc. I always shred it. You can layer your ingredients, but I like to mix mine up because it makes it prettier when you cut into it (yeah, I like my food pretty...so deal with it. Hee hee) and makes the stronger flavors combine with the more subtle flavors for a more pleasant taste. For this omelet I used mushrooms, canadian bacon, mozz, cheddar, and Gertie's Artichoke Tapenade (this is made with wine vinegar, artichokes, green olives, and other oils. Its yummy).
After the eggs are cooked but not hard, I then add more cheese on top, and turn off the heat altogether. The cheeses melt nicely this way. Then, I "close" my lid, which brings the two halves of the omelet together with the good stuff in between.
I slide it carefully onto a waiting plate, and add garnishes such as parsley and paprika, or bits of olives, etc. Anything that adds a bit of flourish and color.
Tada! A Killer Omelet.

Seriously seriously yummy.

Do you love omelets like we do? What is your favorite combination? Share your own ideas, so I can try it!


Mere said...

I'm not a HUGE omlet fan only because I've really never tried them...However, I do like quiches and those are egg based too. My favorite is from the French Bistro La Madeline and it's a Quiche Florentine. (cheese, egg, spinach). I will try an omlet soon just for you, so I can tell you how it is!

Love, Mere

Kim said...

I've always wondered if omelet makers would make a difference. Since your omelets look so much better than any I've tried to scrape out of a skillet, I would say that an omelet maker is in my future!

My omelets are usually unplanned—I make them to use up whatever tidbits of veggies and meat I have in the fridge.

Denise K. said...

Mmm...can I come over? I want to try a Killer Omelet too! Now that looks delicious! :-)

Leah said...

Sully is our omelet maker. He's really good at making them just right. His favorite is the cheese omelet, but I prefer mine with hame, cheese, and mushrooms. YUM! We don't have an omelet pan, but Sully is a pro with a normal non-stick pan. He makes omelets for himself a few times a week. :)

twinmama said...

My husband makes omelets fairly regularly. He recently bought a new pain just for making them, but it isn't an omelet pain. (I will have to tell him about your pan.) The ingredients sound amazing!

I am not a huge fan of eggs, but if you wrap it up in a tortilla with some salsa, I am there. (Pretty much if you wrap up anything in a tortilla, I'm there!)

Do tell about how to make omelets camping in a plastic bag...that sounds interesting...

twinmama said...

Apparently, I cannot spell the word, "pan" tonight. I think my headache is subconsciously doing the typing. Hee hee!