Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Bike Ride

Often, while flying along on various jobs, looking down at the lakes, mountains, and pathways, my husband gets the best ideas for fun things to do with the family. Especially during the spring! He can always come home and tell us where he sees the warmest weather , the fewest number of people, and the least snow on the ground. Because of his bird's eye view, we usually have a few early spring adventures that jump start us into summer recreation.

This year, he came home excited about taking a day-long bike ride into a beautiful campground. This campground is located next to a gorgeous river, home to some of the best salmon fishing grounds in the world. Due to its popularity, reservations are made a year in advance by the tourists, and local people just stay away. But, this time of year it is quietly left to rest, sits unpopulated, and is a wonderful place to explore.

I was excited about the trip, but unable to go due to other things on my schedule that I could not get out of....so Michael and the girls set off by themselves this time. Bikes were hauled out of storage, tires pumped, gears checked, helmets dusted off, and off they went!
They had an incredible time! There was no snow anywhere, and they could zip along exploring each and every camp site, with not another soul around. They did a lot of daydreaming, and came home hopping with ideas for summer camping.

Luckily, Chena took her little Nikon camera, (they knew they would be in BIG trouble with me if no pictures were taken!) and so I was able to listen to their fun stories and see the scenery both.

Penelope ready to ride:

After riding through the entire campground, they carried their bikes down the steep steps to the steel pathway which follows the river all the way to the mouth of the river.

Luckily, Chena figured out her auto-timer and they could all three get in the picture. Look at my handsome husby and beautiful daughters. I'm so glad they had this day together...

The girls at the top of the steps:

Down by the river:

What a great path to ride on!

Looking down that path, it makes me think about what lies ahead this summer. Its as if the road disappearing in the distance is beckoning me to dream! To think of what adventures await my family as the summer season fast approaches! To pat myself on the back for surviving another long Alaskan winter, and to smile brightly at the idea of a more friendly season to play in!


twinmama said...

What a wonderful day! Kudos to your hubby for taking his girls on a fun day they will always remember with their dad. Those are good bonding moments.

Spring has some much promise, doesn't it? I look forward to get out and enjoy God's creation, too!

The Empty Envelope said...

Oh that must feel so good!!!! I can barely keep the boys inside now that the snow is gone. Great photos!

Mere said...

That Chena is so clever!! Yay for your hubby in taking them both for some quality time! I love your new blog header, too!!

Love, Mere

Kim said...

Aww! What a special day that the girls got to spend with their dad. And I'm glad to see that you're training your girls young to take pictures ; )

Denise K. said...

What a great day trip and everyone looks so happy!!!! As always, the photos are amazing, the girls darling, and your family beautiful!!! :-)