Friday, May 15, 2009

Hawaii Headed

Thought I would just say, if I read your blog....I won't be around for two weeks! I'll try to catch up on all my regulars when I get back, LOVE you all!

We are going to the big island of Hawaii for two weeks. I am delighted and excited. My girls have only been there at the ages of one and three, so they don't remember it. It will be such a thrill introducing them to the fun spots I love! Kona is my favorite place, just adore it.



Mere said...

Have fun!!! "See" you when you get back!!

Love, Mere

Kim said...

Woot! Have a great vacay (and take lots of pictures!)

Denise K. said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip with your girls! Wear your sunscreen and enjoy every sunrise and sunset together! Can't wait to see your photos when you return...let me know if you see a humuhumunukuapuaa! Aloha! :-)

Jess :) said...

Have a great time! Take care and God bless! :)

KraftyKerilou said...

Have a wonderful time!! What a change of pace for you guys!!

Carole said...

Can't wait to see all the pics and hear all the stories when you get back! Lucky you, what a great trip!