Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Memories


1. Breakfast in bed. Fresh strawberries, pineapple, crepes, yogart parfait, peach vanillla smoothie, cheesy scrambled eggs, and raspberry mocha coffee with real whipped cream.
2. Drive to Seward with my family. Stopping at every creek, lake, and spot of interest. For us the joy was in the journey.
3. Having my girls find pieces of driftwood they loved, and later painting beautiful scenes for me on them.

4. Getting so close to a sea otter (so adorable...a favorite of mine!) that I could hear him munch his lunch.

5. Watching a sea lion show, and not at Sea World...but in a small Alaskan boat harbor. He entertained us so thoroughly, I could not stop watching him and hubby had to drag me away.

6. Gorgeous Tern Lake, a scene so peaceful you want to live and die there.

7. Listening to Richard Peck's audio book, A Way Down Yonder, and laughing our heads off.

8. Having my family wash my new car for me, before we headed out on our road trip. I love a shiny ride!

9. Spectacular views, and being near the water all day. I am happiest near the sea!

10. Just us being us.


KraftyKerilou said...

What a wonderful day you had! It sounds divine! I love the photos you shared..they look like they are from a book or a magazine! Your are a great photographer, with such great scenery and wildlife to work with!!

Mere said...

That sounds like a fabulous day! Your pictures take my breath away!

Love, Mere

Denise K. said...

What a beautiful day you enjoyed Geri!!! Your photos were spectacular, and the day sounded wonderful!!! You deserve every happiness my friend!

How is your Aunt Cheryl doing today? I have been praying all morning...thinking of you and sending you lots of love today...I will be remembering your mom today as well as this must all be so difficult on her too...please keep us posted.

Love you,

Kim said...

That last picture is AMAZING. What a great day!

twinmama said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day!! I love your pictures. Your Sea Otter friend is adorable.

I hope you have a wonderful, fun and safe trip to Hawaii!!

Could you stick your toes in the sand for me? I miss doing that so much. We used to live in Florida and was always something I enjoyed.

I always say, "There is no better perspective than sticking your toes in the sand." :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! We went on an Alaskan cruise a few years ago(pics on my blog) and I've been so wanting to go back. You photos from Hawaii are also gorgeous.