Sunday, June 28, 2009

Working with Snowball

Chena has been working with a small Welsh pony once a week, helping him to learn to trust people again, after he had a scary cart accident. He is the sweetest little guy, but he is slow to bond with people.

Here is a video of her success! She is working with him "at liberty" which means he is not required to follow her, he has no tack on, and she has no rope or lead on him at all. The only reason he is with her is because he wants to be.

Liberty. Its a beautiful thing!


Denise K. said...

Wow, how awesome for Chena to see her hard work pay off in the love and loyalty of this little guy! Should we call her the new "Horse Whisperer?" :-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, how wonderful to see this! What a great pony, and how neat that Chena could bring him around.

We had a little mare that was part Welsh pony, and he belonged to my sister. She loved her more than anything. And Midnight was very spirited, but gentle.

Glad you dropped by to visit because it led me to your blog!


Sheila :-)

Kim said...

That is sooo neat! What a great moment for your daughter and I'm so glad you got it on film.