Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Would You Look At That?

Two blog posts in ONE DAY! I am not sure I have ever done that before.

Penelope just adores her bunny, Mossy Meadow, and she often starts her mornings with him in her arms, walking around our place. He seems to like being her companion, and he snuggles up rather than squirms away. He sure is a special he has a special place in her heart and that is good enough for me!


Denise K. said...

Oh aren't the two of them just precious!?! :-) Can you share with us some of your thoughts of keeping rabbits? Are they pretty hardy, and how much space do they need? I have always wanted to keep one, but need to do some more research. I so wish I could visit you and see your animal friends! So envious of the ease in which you are able to ride...having everything you need at home is perfect!!! Anytime we want to practice it costs $40 for a 45 min. session...I am trying to talk our home owners assoc. into letting us having horses on our little 3 acres...just a small arena, barn, etc.. :-)

glitzen said...

Sure! We love our rabbits, they are wonderful pets and companions. Our bunnies are outside bunnies, even in winter. They have an insulated hutch, and we keep a small box full of hay for them to snuggle in as well. In the winter its very VERY important to water them three or four times a day. In the summer, we have a "lawn cage" (with a lid because of the eagles) and we can get in there with them and play. They love clover and dandelion on the grass.
They need a little bit of fruit or veggies each day, and other than than they just get pellets and bunny snacks.
Penelope has tamed her bunny so he is easy to catch and handle, but bunnies take time and attention or they frighten easily and cannot be held.
I wish you could visit us too! I hope you can get horses on your property! That would be so wonderful for your whole family.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, how sweet! Love this darling picture...


Sheila :-)