Friday, July 31, 2009

SEA Horse Show

We had lots of hot dusty fun at the horse show! I enjoyed seeing how all of our horse club members have come so far with their horses, and they show such neat teamwork. Our horse club, the North Wind Riders, had the best placings in the whole show. Cool!

Chena and Penelope entered lots of classes. Chena did mostly English classes, with lots of jumping (of course!) and Penelope entered Mukluk in Halter Geldings, and Summer in Western classes and trail class.

It was especially a HUGE treat for us, because Lex was home to see his sisters do the show! He has finished his four year tour in Germany, and is on his way to Korea next. He is amazed at how his sisters have grown up since he went away. We were all SO happy to have him there!!

Another WONDERFUL part of the show is that Michael's dad, Grandpa Jim was here from Washington!! He is a horse trainer, he breeds cutting horses, and we call him our "walking horse encyclopedia" because he is such a wealth of knowledge. I enjoy him so much, and Michael and I sit and pick his brain for hours on various horse topics.

Penelope and Mukluk in halter class

Chena and Whisper, in a cloud of dust. Kind of ethereal, huh?

Some of our horse club buddies

Chena in Western class on Whisper

Penelope in Trail class

Penelope and Mukluk with judges. She won sixth place with our little boy...

Lex and Chena

Horses lined up for judging

Penelope riding Summer in a Western Pleasure class


Denise K. said...

WOW, this event looks incredible and the girls are so professional! Have you taught them to ride Geri or do they take lessons elsewhere? Do you ride often??? You are all up to such wonderful things, and I so enjoy following your story! SOOOO happy to read your son is home and your family is complete!!!

Denise K. said...

P.S. The picture of Chena and Whisper is incredible! You need to be a professional photographer in addition to your many "hats!"

P.P.S. How old were the girls when they started jumping? How old were they when they could canter? How many years have they been riding? Do you horses wear shoes? Our "Natural Horsemanship" leader does not...also what kind of bit do you typically use?

Denise K. said...

One more you ever see the Northern Lights where you live?

glitzen said...

Hi Denise! Bought your ticket up to see us yet?? Please come! :)
Ok, to answer some questions: Yes, I taught them to ride but they also take lessons from other instructors. This is Chena's second summer jumping. We ride several days a week, the girls ride more than that. They have been cantering for many years, they started right away. Started on trail rides and moved into advanced arena stuff. Our horses are shod, Whisper all the way around (TBs have soft feet) and Summer in the front only. We ride on all terrain, so we like to protect them from roots, etc. We ride in snaffle bits for most work, but use a curb bit for some trail rides. Depends on what we are asking the horse to do.
Yes!!! The Northern Lights are spectacular here. We see them often and never tire of them!! Its a brilliant ballet of light and color. Someday you have to see it!

Mere said...

The picture of Chena on Whisper is breath-taking. I love their horseback riding attire too! It's so cute!!

Love, Mere