Friday, August 14, 2009

The New Kid on the Block

Introducing "Joker"!!! He is a 6 yr old Welsh/Paint cross pony who wandered into our lives and hearts. We brought him home today for a lease-to-own try out period. We have to see if he is a good fit with our other horses, and see how he is trained. I plan to work with him quite a bit, and finish up some training too. He might be a nice guy for our Penelope.

Who could resist this face????

I think he is JUST BEAUTIFUL! I love his tri-colored body, his black mane, and his white socks. He has black knees...he does! So cute-as-a-button. He is not quite 14 hh, he is fun sized. Ha!

The gang checks him out...........
Summer is watching "his" mare quite carefully, thinks he is a stud-muffin now. What a goof. We have not started the "real' introductions yet, I will let them all snort and squeal and stomp through the fence overnight. Then tomorrow I will start by letting him meet Mukluk (the mini) and we will go from there.
See the knees? And he has some real pretty black streaks in his tail too.
Goodnight, Joker. Don't let those jealous horses get to you. Soon they will love you like we do. :)


Janet said...

Joker- Welcome to the family! I'll be by to see you soon. You'll recognize me right off--- I'm the one that's afriad of horses, so don't get too close. Be good to my girls.


Denise K. said...

Oh he is a handsome fella isn't he!?! I hope he fits right into your herd, and that they all get many geldings and mares do you have? Love both your human and animal family!!! :-)

Brandy said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I just love him! I love his markings! :)