Thursday, August 27, 2009

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Its been a rough week, we had tried to be productive but it was hard to think of anything but the loss of Mattie. Michael only had a few days left with us, before his month-long guiding trip. We decided to get away from it all, if only for a day. I had been dreaming about catching a silver salmon, so we packed up our Cessna 180 with snacks and fishing gear, and headed out across the inlet. It was quite a gorgeous day, so we got going early to catch the right tide near where the inlet meets the river. Chena was not feeling well, so we left her home this time.

The view as we flew across the inlet, of Mt Spur, the Cook Inlet, and an oil platform far below.

The river where we were headed, from the air.

We landed beside the river on a grass airstrip (if you can call it that!) and set up our poles. The river was so serene...beautiful, but I wanted to see some salmon splashing or at least making a small wake. We ate blueberries and pb and j sandwiches, while we waited for the tide to change. Mt Redoubt was crystal clear in the background behind us, while Mt Spur had only a few tiny clouds caught on its tips. It was the kind of day and the kind of scenery that takes your breath away. And you know, it still does, even after I have lived here all my life!

After we had fished a few hours, I wandered away and was taking some pictures, when I saw the tip of my pole bounce a bit. As I started running back to it, propped there on the side of the bank, it really started whipping around, and I grabbed it just in time to fight a big silver! They like to fight hard, and you have to keep the line taut, or you will lose them. You have to set the drag on your line so you can let them run a bit, then reel them in a bit, then run, until you can work them close to the bank and bring them in.

Its a nice one!

Later, Penelope caught one too. She was pretty excited! Her fish was a fighter too, and she needed a bit of Daddy's help to keep her line steady and keep reeling...

Good job, Baby!

Later, Michael cleaned the fish so we could have them for dinner, and took the eggs out. Both were female, so the eggs can be cured and ready for the next fishing trip as bait.

We fished a bit longer, but only caught one Dolly...poor Michael got skunked except for that! I didn't tease him..much. :)

A majestic swan landed in the nearby lake.
There he is........

and there he goes!

Such pristine beauty, the early fall sky is especially blue right now, I just love it.

Daddy and daughter off for a walk, you can see the glacier beyond.

We had to fly home fairly early, to get ready to go to Mattie's memorial service. I'm glad we got to get out and have a nice family day, after a very emotional and difficult week.


wholarmor said...

Pretty pictures! Congrats on the fish!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Gorgeous photos! Congrats on the huge lunker!!!!!!! YUM!!! I can just see the cold snap in the air over there:)

When I read your post about Mattie, my daughter who is 11 wanted to know why I was crying.. I let her read it too. She told my son... who is 10.. The good news, as 4H kids I am sure they are more aware of 'what can happen' and that they will share it with others... Mattie's story will help wake up all of us sleeping parents about the importance of safety - at a fair, or home on the ranch... I pray he is being held closely in God's lap, and feeling all the love that is being sent up from here..

My heart continues to ache for all of you!!!!

W said...

I've been thinking about you and praying for peace. Your trip sounds heavenly!

Kim said...

Just beautiful. Your pictures make me want to move to Alaska. Oh, wait . . !

I have to say that as we were looking at the livestock at the State Fair, I thought of your post about Mattie and his family and prayed for them again.

Mere said...

Your pictures are breathtaking!! I will pray for Michael while he's gone. I hope he takes pictures like yours.

Love, Mere