Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Locks of Love

Chena had been asking us all summer if she could get her hair cut, short. I tried to hold her off, told her how beautiful it was, how much she would miss it, etc. I gave her a waiting period, so she could see if she really really wanted to do it. (can you tell I loved her hair??) Sure enough, she was completely determined, and told me she wanted to cut at least ten inches off, so she could donate it to Locks of Love .

So we made the appointment, and she was so excited, bouncing up and down and eager to have it gone. No second thoughts at all, unlike poor Mom! :) Everyone at the salon gathered around when they made the cut, and there it was...a gorgeous looooong thick blond ponytail. The ponytail that got swished at me when I made her mad, the ponytail that hung down below her riding helmet as she won blue ribbons at the horse show, the ponytail that hangs over her pillow and off the edge of the bunkbed when I tuck her in at night, the ponytail that I can barely glimpse through the leaves of her favorite climbing tree...when she is playing tree fairy, the ponytail that flies in the wind as she gallops bareback up the driveway on the way back from a trail ride, the ponytail that I see last as she rides off on the motorcycle with her daddy, the ponytail that comes in the house and shakes hay all over my clean livingroom carpet after barn chores, get the idea. Sigh. A mommy has to be willing to let go and move on, even with the little things that mean so much to her....if they mean equally as much to her child. :)

A few pics from this summer (because I know we all love "before" and "after" pictures!)

And here is Chena's new look!! (I have to admit, its pretty cute..but I wish she didn't look so (((((shhhh)))))) old!) I'm going to have to face it, she's growing up. I know it, but I don't have to love it. Hee hee.

I took these outside right when we got home. I think she kind of glows with pride and happiness!

She told me she feels so much lighter and she basically danced around the first few days. Silly girl. Who knew so much gravity was in 11 inches of hair?

Bye bye ponytail, off you go!


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! I LOVE her new hair cut! Man.. you are right.. She does look older, but in a gorgeous, clean, sweet way!!!!!!!

Carole said...

I can totally understand how you were sad to see her cut her hair, but wow! She is of course a beautiful girl, but wow - I love the new cut - it really looks fantastic on her! And how wonderful that she wanted to donate to Locks of Love, that's awesome. Yes, she does look older's hard as moms to see them leaving little pieces of their childhood behind...signs that they are growing up....sigh.

wholarmor said...

Very cute! I remember the mixed feelings I had when Kyrie donated to Locks of Love when she was 5. I loved her new hair cut, but I missed her long hair, too. Of course, it was a lot easier to brush, lol.

Turtle Taylor said...

She looks beatiful with her new haircut. Donating her hair was a beautiful thing to do!

Michelle Underwood said...

She is gorgeous!!!! She does look so grown up with her hair cut! Hugs to her for giving her beautiful hair to locks of love!

Loquacious said...

I know the feeling... My darling girl gave 13 (THIRTEEN!!!!) inches of hair to Wigs For Kids a year ago and I was NOT ready to let her grow up yet! That big whack of hair made her look so much more sophisticated and a LOT older than 12!

Chena's new cut is SUPER cute. You must be so proud!

twinmama said...

Very cute hair! Love it!

She does look older. Sorry, I wouldn't like someone saying that about my little girls either.

And she is so generous to send it to Locks of Love, too. My good friend did the same thing last month in honor of her little cousin who is battling cancer.

Someone will be so grateful to get such beautiful hair!