Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Annual Fall Photos

Boy, do I remember it well. Standing in line, waiting for school pics. Wearing something I hated, that mom picked out. A teacher moving swiftly down the line, combing each of our bangs straight down, and telling us to straighten our clothes. Then, it was the dreaded moment. Climbing up on that torture device, otherwise known as a stool. With some stranger grinning stupidly at me and saying cheesy things to get a cheesy smile. The stool was too high, I could not touch the ground. My feet dangled awkwardly. Everyone else in line was watching. I tried to sit up straight, but geez! How do you sit up straight and SMILE, under such conditions?

And oh boy, do I ever remember the day we got our pictures back. Ye gads. Everyone getting that little envelope, with the clever "frame" cut out, so you could see your hideous self right away in the plastic window. Trying to hide it from your friends. I never liked them! It never even looked like me, I swear.

Then it was climbing in the car after school, hoping Mom would not notice that all the other kids coming out of the school were carrying that flat white envelope. But, she would. Then she would excitedly ask to see mine. I would hand them over, waiting for that dreaded word to come out of her mouth. RETAKES! So yeah, the whole bad experience could then be repeated. Lucky me. :)

My kids are so lucky! To them, "school" pictures means putting on their favorite clothes, grabbing some snacks, and heading out for a walk in the woods, with their mom, their dogs, and maybe a kitty or two along.

Of course, they do have to smile like, 317 times in a row. Did I mention that?

I started with Penelope this year. She's 10..and so much fun to photograph. She just sparkles!

This is my Penelope!

Loves- banana chips, flowers, spelling bees, riding Daddy's dirt bike, baking, buying presents for her friends, 4-H, her pen pal, riding and training her horses, collecting small treasures, pockets, her bunnies, bible verses, Mukluk the mini, and her dogs. Actually, all things to do with dogs! Training, agility, showing, all breeds, everything!

Hates-raisins (likes the texture, hates the taste) getting up early, wearing socks, barn chores, going outside in the dark, cleaning her room, sudden changes in schedule, soda pop, super long chapter books...

Favorites- the color green, vacationing in Hawaii, cookies n cream icecream, American Girl movies, science, just- cheese pizza,

Especially good at- writing poetry, spelling, training animals, identifying dog breeds, making guacomole, baking cake from scratch, organizing drawers, being thoughtful of others, sharing, designing doll clothes, using Power Point

Friendship qualities- fun-loving, generous, enthusiastic, easy-going, sweet, kind, playful, HAPPY.


Anonymous said...

She is an absolute doll. Her eyes and smile are amazing!

What an awesome way to get school pics done! I agree, I dreaded picture day in school!!

Janet said...

That Penelope is such a doll! Great photos. These show lots more personality than the dreaded 'school pictures' the rest of us had to suffer.


Mere said...

You've raised a lovely daughter :) She's very photogenic, too! She will grow in to a lovely young lady one day.

Love, Mere

Kim said...

I can't believe it's been a year already—I remember how impressed I was with your girls' pics from last year!! But I've got to say, these are fabulous of Miss P. You are really talented with that camera . . . you know what's next . . . your friends are going to want you to start shooting their kids!! Really great photos! You've inspired me to get my kids outside into the yard for pictures (once the rain stops).

Denise K. said...

Oh what a great picture you have painted for us of your precious Miss Penelope! I loved reading more and getting to know her! Her photos are just darling and her personality sure shows through! Loved all her likes and dislikes...just like a celebrity! You are such a wonderful Mother Geri!!!! BTW, I am learning to knit and noticed her pretty scarves...did you knit them?

Brandy said...

Awww! She's beautiful and the pics are awesome!!