Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Horse...Meet Duvall!

Its a long crazy story, but for now I just want to say we have a new family member! He is a beautiful registered Polish Arabian gelding, named Duvall. We are all in love with him already, and he just got here!

He's settling in great, he really loves Mukluk the mini. They had fun getting to know each other.

Chena and Penelope rode him for the first time today, I got to ride him before we bought him, and Michael can't wait to go out on him.

Friends already!

He had no trouble getting to know Summer, in about ten minutes they were scratching each other's necks in perfect contentment. Silly geldings.

He's quite the guy...he has a fun goofy friendly personality, and he is very curious. Super sweet, and well trained with a willing energetic spirit. We are going to have so much fun with him!


Carole said...

I am not a "horse person", but I can tell that I am missing out on something special from your posts about your horses. Congrats, and enjoy your new friend!!

wholarmor said...

Congrats on your new horse!

Margo Campbell said...

So good to see him so happy!! Love all the pictures and can't wait to see his adventures posted here!

Kim said...

Hey! We just got a new dog!

Congratulations on your new horse—he is just beautiful!

Lori said...


Denise K. said...

What a beauty!!! So wish I could come ride him too! Your family is growing by leaps and bounds!!! I will write you soon so we can get all caught up...please know I remember you in my prayers and think of you often my freind! :-)