Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Surprise! Its a New Puppy!

Incredibly, we added two new family members to our household on the same weekend. I was up in Fairbanks, visiting friends and buying a new horse, and Michael and the girls were plotting to sneak a puppy into our lives.

Meet Charlotte!!!!!!!
She is an eight week old yellow Labrador Retriever, and just about the most precious girl you can imagine.
Mike was thinking about getting a Lab puppy, but was not sure it would be this year, he thought he might like to wait for next year. He asked me to just check around, see what litters were available, etc.
I made one call, to Dandelion's puppy instructor, who is a Lab breeder. She got back to me recently, and said she had a litter, up in Willow. I thanked her, but didn't give it much thought.
While I was up in Fairbanks, she called me on my blackberry and told me she was driving to Willow, to evaluate the pups for show, and would I like her to bring a pup back with her? I told her no, we were not ready, and didn't want a female (all that she had left), and etc. I gave her our home phone, and didn't think about it much again.
Turns out, she was quite the salesman! She called him, told him about the pups, and directed him to her website. He said he didn't want a female, and she told him to check out her program, look at her gallery of photos of her females, and call her back. He did, and was intrigued. You might even say hooked. He wanted to go and see the pups. They were located over four hours away. That is, by car. So he and the girls jumped in the airplane and flew into Willow. The breeder who had collaborated with her, who owned the mother Lab, turned out to be Dee Dee Jonroe, a well-known musher and Iditarod contender. They were picked up at her private airstrip and wisked away to see the "babies". The girls played with the puppies. Michael talked about bloodlines, genetics, size, weight, temperament, etc. The girls didn't worry about any of that, they were already in LOVE. Together, they all decided on a little girl puppy. The deal was made, and they climbed back in the airplane, with a new precious addition, and flew home.
All this was unbeknownst to me, and it was decided to keep her a secret and surprise me when I got back home.
And so it was that when I pulled into the yard, after a long two-day horse hauling adventure, there sat my big tough husband on a hay bale...holding his newest love in his arms...little "Sharlie" girl.
I was SHOCKED. He just doesn't do things on a wim, and it was a pretty major decision to become a three-dog family, just like that. I jumped out of the car and ran to him, not sure if I wanted to kiss him first or the sweet golden baby with the huge dark eyes and floppy ears! She was the cutest thing.
Well, they wanted to wait and let me help them name her, because I'm good with naming animals (lots of practice!) but they all got tired of calling her "Baby" and waiting for me to finally get home. So they brainstormed a bit, and came up with Charlotte. The girl we bought our new horse from is named Charlotte, and the girls really liked her name. Plus, Michael's favorite movie of all time is Charlotte's Web, he used to watch it almost every day when Lex was a toddler, and he has the whole thing memorized.
So Charlotte it was, and it really fits her perfectly.

Charlotte with her feather:

A face just about anyone could love!

Who? Me?

More Charlotte stories to come! (and yes, I know we are spoiled rotten..that's not lost on me right now.......


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

So so so so so so cute!!!!! I love her little face and when she has that lower lip tucked in! CRACKS me up:)

We love puppies over here...

Oh my...

And your photos are so darn gorgeous!!!!!!

Kim said...

Game on, G! You've just thrown down the gauntlet . . . I'm going to have to start taking some inspiring pictures of our Daisy, although an 8-month-old just isn't as CUTE as an 8-WEEK-old puppy. Wow! She is really precious.

You're going to have so much fun training her—my dad loves Labrador Retrievers and trained his to respond to hand signals, they're so smart!!

Loquacious said...

She is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! Congratulations and how fun!

Denise K. said...

Oh my goodness...she is absolutely precious!!!!! Enjoy your new baby!!!! How is the potty training going? Hope she is adjusting well and that everyone is in love! :-)

~Cindy~ said...

ACKKKKKKKKKK runs screaming from the room, a new puppy, I want one...ohhh no I have three already...she is so doggone cute, I bet her little face is soft. And you live in Alaska, you are my hero...I wanna live there soooooooooo bad. No one else in my family does though, spoilsports they are!!!

wholarmor said...

She is so adorable! We got our Lab at 6 months old, so she wasn't in that cute puppy stage, but she was still very puppyish in behavior! Labs are great dogs! Ours is reaching 11 years of age in January! Time sure flies!