Friday, November 27, 2009

Dandelion Litzen | A Dog Named Christmas

Hallmark is having a canine photo contest, and if you want to vote for our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Dandelion, here is the link: Dandelion Litzen A Dog Named Christmas. Oh yeah, ignore the other cute doggies and just vote for her. Ha ha.

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Mere said...

I just voted for her!! I hope she wins...she's precious!

Love, Mere

Kim said...

I'm on my way . . . but first wanted to mention that on Thanksgiving Day we had the TV on in the family room because of the Dog Show, and I happened to walk past right when the camera was focusing on 2 beautiful Corgis. And I thought to myself, "Hey! I actually know what a Corgi is because of Saddlepotatoes!!" Who says blogs aren't educational?!