Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Own Circus

My sweet husband has been teasing me about running a circus around here. So I guess by teaching my mini, Mukluk, more tricks I am only giving him more reasons to do so! Even so, its been really fun, and a great thing to do with my girls. We have all learned a lot, and hope to learn more along the way.

Here is Mukluk's latest trick. I want to get them all on video so I can record his (and our) progress for Penelope's 4-H project journal. (It was 40 degrees out, very unusual for us, so my Alaskan girl was perfectly happy to be in shorts..silly girl)


Wingnut said...


CoveredInCrafts said...

That's so cute! I adore the header picture too. :)

Kim said...

Now THAT is impressive! My 9-year-old is trying to train our beagle to sit and to lay down, so she got a real kick out of this video : )