Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mountain View Ski Trip

We bought the girls new ski sets for Christmas. Although they both have skied a little bit, it was only with my gear. We could never go together, because they always had my skis and poles. We wanted to go out as a family and ski, so we are looking forward to it. We have trails behind our house, and we also ski on our lake and at our cabin.

But this week we went about five miles away, to my parent's house. They live on a hill with a fantastic view of the inlet and mountains, and they have wonderful ski trails. My dad goes out and breaks trail with the snowmachine.

So Mom, me, Chena, and Penelope had a wonderful time skiing!!! It was a crisp, clear day, but quite windy at times. Mostly gusts. We had a lot of hills to negotiate, and I was glad when we all made it back in one piece. There was one hill, and when we got to it, my Mom told my girls "When your mom was young and crazy, she would always ski down this hill. I thought she would break a leg!" Well, that was enough to get me going. I was determined to take on that hill! I knew if I looked at it very long, I would be afraid to do it, so I closed my eyes, shoved off and ZOOOOOM whooshed down the hill. I cannot believe I did not fall. Seriously, thank you Lord for steering from behind and keeping me standing. It was the greatest feeling, and pretty darn good for my ego too, since I had not skied a hill like that in years.

Here I am on the hill. You can see Cook Inlet and the mountains behind me. I didn't have a camera, so my blackberry pics will have to do.

What a great day! Can't wait to go again. I want to scare my mother some more. :)

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Mere said...

You took your mom skiing?! WOW! I'm so impressed she went skiing with y'all! That must've been a memorable trip for the 4 of y'all. I love your ski gear! IT ROCKS!

Love, Mere