Saturday, January 30, 2010

Find It Friday!

Welcome to a new feature I will do every Friday. Or until I forget. Or until I don't even remember what Find It Friday was, or what I was talking about.

But for now, its all the GOODIES I find at the thrift store on Fridays. I love going to the thrift store. I always have an idea about what I need, but end up finding treasures I didn't know I needed until I am trying to stuff them in my car and drag them home. Good times.

I bought six new dining room chairs! That I really needed, and they even match my table. Thanks to my sister, her good eye, and her cell phone to alert me.

I found this adorable purse! You can see why I love it, for the initial of course.

Had to take a picture with my bb and send it to taunt my Facebook friends. Its just so stinkin cute, don't you think?
After that, I found an Addie costume for our next American Girl History Club party, which will feature the "Addie" books and character. Its Addie's pajamas, but that works, right?
Then I found three shirt for Chena, and she picked out belts to match. Belts were two for one that day, only because there were too many to stay on the rack. When they start falling down, time for a sale I guess.
One thing we actually came in for were more winter boots for Chena. She outgrew and wore out (which came first?) her Sorels. Sorels are wonderful boots. They are water-proof, bullet-proof, and can handle our winters and crazy conditions. Well, we actually found some more Sorels for Chena! And only $8.75 as opposed to $69.00 new. Sweet!
I found a .50 straw hat for another American Girl doll outfit. Actually Penelope found that, but was too shy to ask the price. I asked and got it cheap. Fits too. Not me, the doll. :)
Well that's our Find It Friday. Sure was lots of fun!


Mere said...

I like it!! Totally creative!! Cute purse too!

Love, Mere

Kerilou said...

Great deals! The purse is so cute! So, you are on Facebook!! Friend me if you like--Sue, Andi, Lisa, the whole gang is all over there--I am under Keri Brooks LaClair....
Thanks so much for the card, I love it! And also glad you got mine!

twinmama said...

I love going "treasure hunting" when I can get out by myself. Great finds!