Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sweeties in the Sunset

This was the last sunset of January, about five minutes from my house. My niece had came over for a sleepover. She and Penelope are three months apart, and really good friends. We went to the bluff to watch the spectacular sunset together.
I didn't want to forget this moment, and my sweeties in the sunset.


Mere said...

Aww...they look alike! I don't look too similar to my cousin, but they're really similar. Beautiful girls and beautiful sunset! You must be a proud mommy and aunt!

Love, Mere

Denise K. said...

Oh what beautiful girls and a beautiful setting!!! How is all in the Litzen Household??? I think of you often, although my lack of blogging time sure doesn't show it...I am so anxious to catch up on your life and read all the posts below! Please know I remember you in my prayers Geri and look forward to catching up soon! Happy February! :-)

Kim said...

Stunning, as always! Sweeties, indeed!