Friday, February 5, 2010

Embrace Life..Always Wear Your Seatbelt!

I just could not watch this and keep it to myself. In fact, I challenge all my fellow bloggers to share it on your blog, at least for awhile. Its so important. This video made a huge "impact" on me, and I was touched beyond words by it. The simple message is very very powerful.

I watched it. I had my children watch it. I shared it with everyone I could.

We have all lost people in auto accidents, been in an accident ourselves, or had a near miss. Wearing your seatbelt has probably already saved your life at some point.

Watch. You might want to grab a Kleenex...

1 comment:

Mere said...

That was totally a tear jerker! :( It holds a great message though! Thanks for sharing!

Love, Mere