Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bunnies, Eggs, & Puppets, Oh My!

Easter is always an especially fun time for Alaskans, as it marks the end of a dark dark winter and beckons us into a brighter time of year. Ah, the spring season! And what a wonderful segue for me to teach and discuss with my children about the death of Christ on the cross, the dark skies and heavy grief among his friends and followers, and then the beautiful bright Resurrection from the grave. We love to celebrate with traditional bright happy-colored eggs, hidden gifts, and get-togethers, but I don't ever want my children to forget the events that took place to give us the grace, forgiveness, and promise of eternity that we have received.

We have a tradition of watching a claymation movie called "The Miracle Maker" every Easter Eve, after the eggs have been dipped and decorated. Its wonderfully done, very detailed in showing the key characters involved, and quotes exact scriptures. I love the family discussion that follows, and the opportunity to answer our children's questions that arise.

We colored four dozen eggs, and they were all hidden by the 6'2" hubby bunny to be found on Easter morning. Our girls are so good at finding them, so he hid them in very tough spots this year. We are still finding them! The girls also got "baskets" to find, which this year were pastel-colored baseball caps full of goodies. I always find practical things, instead of actual baskets, and its a fun challenge for me each year. I have done riding helmets, bike helmets, bike baskets, sand buckets, party hats, and etc through the years.

We had Easter dinner with the whole family at my folks' house, with the annual outside egg hunt, huge meal, and inside hidden gifts for each grandchild. And of course, the traditional puppet show. I am not sure when the puppet show started, but it was at least 15 years ago. I remember we got puppets for Easter when I was a little girl, one year. I got a rabbit and my brothers got ducks and giraffes. Those original puppets are still used, and are in pretty good shape!

An egg hidden in the snow. The eggs had money in them! I was tempted myself. LOL.

A puppeteer with "Claude" peeks from behind the couch:

The puppet show is a behind-the-couch affair, and each year it is acted out by different cousins. We all love it. My mother writes the script, and she has a quirky sense of we never know what will happen next, or what those crazy puppets will say.

This year the puppet play was about "Claude The Dog" who was a very naughty dog. He got into all kinds of mischief, like chasing the neighbor's chickens, tearing up the trash bags, making all kinds of messes, and eventually landing himself in the pound. His owner never gives up on him, though, and pays the price to get him out of the pound and save his life. My little neices and nephews did a great job, and of course the story illustrates the redemption story.

Puppets take a bow!

Well, there is still snow everywhere, but I am in a blissful state because we have NEW GREEN GRASS peeking up in some spots. Its a start! And I love to look for new signs of spring every day.

We got our bunnies, Mossy Meadow and Tippy, out in their lawn cage for the first time. That is definitely a sign of spring! They hopped all over and then flopped over happily to soak up the sun.

Another sign is that our driveway is not icy at all anymore, and we can get our horses out and ride. Its time to get them in shape for the summer riding season, and horse camps. Chena and I worked with our new horse, Duvall, and then she rode him a bit yesterday. He is such a good boy, and we are crazy about him...and excited for all we get to do with him this summer!!

Summer is still a good distance away, but if "spring comes on little cat feet" (what poet wrote that? Somebody famous, I know.) then summer comes on the pounding of hoofbeats, and I will soon hear them everyday. Hooray!


Margo C. said...

So glad you are enjoying Duvall. I was just telling someone about an hour ago how much I miss looking out and seeing him playing with Dakotah in the backyard! He looks wonderful.

Leah said...

Great post, Sis. And good pictures of the puppet show.

Denise K. said...

What a great post with so much to catch up on!!!! So glad you all enjoyed a blessed Easter and that you are seeing signs of spring! What fun things to look forward to...working the horses, seeing the rabbits enjoying the sun, and for us readers to watch the seasons unfold on your property! Thank you for sharing your life with us!!!

Together We Save said...

So jealous!! My daughter would love to have a horse!