Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Swan Song

I spotted these guys walking across the ice, looking for a bit of water for a dunk. By the time I got my camera, they were in the water, happily bobbing their heads for snacks on the bottom. They are in such a tiny pond, surrounded on all sides by ice.
Sighting this pair is a sure sign of spring, and I LOVE IT! I hope we have a pair in our lake again this summer.

I'm pretty sure I heard a swan song over my head last night as a couple flew by.

My favorite kind of spring music. :)


Kim said...

The first time I ever saw swans FLYING was a few years ago when I was out in Talkeetna. They were all heading south for the winter I guess, and it was spectacular to see them flying (mostly in pairs, but so many of them throughout the morning flying across this valley). I'd never really thought about them flying before, since I'd always seen them just floating majestically on ponds.

Kat said...

What a lovely photo. It's nice to see your lake without snow or ice!

Helena said...


Heidi Smith said...

beautiful photo. that has to be an amazing sight to see.