Wednesday, May 19, 2010

If Its Called Homeschooling, Why am I Always in the Van?

I saw that on a bumper sticker once, and it cracked me up. So true! We do tend to be on the go a lot, and its always something that I consider a learning opportunity. Well, isn't all of life just that, though? I am a learner, I love to learn, and as a homeschool mom I never stop!

What have we been up to? I officially ended school on April 30th, and we wrapped up our year with a super fun weekend trip to see The Wizard of OZ in Anchorage.

Michael is gone this month, and we miss him A LOT!! So to stay distracted, we have been busy with all kinds of activities both at home and away.

Over the weekend we started this season's riding lessons, and rode quite a bit at home too. We went to our annual 4-H tree sale, and both sold and bought trees. Yeah! It was a ton of fun.

Its morel (mushroom) season, so we have been hunting for them a bit, usually at night. Lots of fun, and something we totally look forward to all year!! I dream about it! Its a real challenge, and that appeals to me a lot, because its like a treasure hunt in the woods. And being out in the woods is wonderful!

Sunday we hooked up our horse trailer, and got it ready to go for the riding season. We worked with Mukluk to get him ready for a Monday trick performance. We also cooked all day, to get ready for our last American Girl party.

Monday we were up and raring to go very early. Penelope had been invited to take our mini horse and do trick shows for the annual Agricultural Appreciation Days at the rodeo grounds. So we brushed him until he glistened, and loaded him in the trailer. Chena stayed home, getting the last minute pies done, house tidied, and decorations up for the party. She had a friend spend the night, so they waved goodbye with aprons on, as we pulled out the driveway with truck and trailer.

It was about 45 minutes away, and we got there right as all the school groups arrived. We did four trick performances, and had between 300-400 elementary school kids. It was a lot of fun! Mukluk did eight tricks we had chosen: "Stepstool" "Wave on Stepstool" "Play Piano" "Get in the Tub" "Chase Target" "Spin" "Rear on Command" and "Bow". He did very well, since it was his first time with such large groups. We let the kids pet him and ask questions. Penelope did all the handling, and it was great for her 4-H project which is minature horses this year, as well as dog training and cooking.

Back home about an hour before the BIG party! We were doing "Molly" as our last one of the year, and boy we had a blast. I will post pics and more of that later.

The party was over a bit after five, and off we headed for our local high school's graduation. We knew quite a few graduates, so we had to go cheer them on and send them off on their next grand adventure. It was a great ceremony, but toooo long and I was tired from the already long day.

Our foster puppy, Carhartt, has a new home and will be adopted by one of our FAVORITE families. They are picking him up soon, so we will say goodbye and keep loving him, albeit from down the road a bit. I can't wait to see how he grows and develops.

Now we are enjoying a few days with my niece and nephew staying with us. The four kids have been playing outside non-stop, riding horses, playing with dogs, helping me plant trees, wading in the lake, hide n seek, hanging out in the tent, playing with bunnies, eating watermelon, and spraying each other with the hose (brrrr, its not that warm out yet!). Now they are making shave ice with lemonade, and I want to head out on a horseback ride myself.

Still to come this week; 776 Gals (our FUN friendship club), a boat trip around Ressurection Bay, a cousin's bday party, and a horse show. Summer is already wearing me out. I love it. :)


Heidi said...

Wow, you just have a ton going on! I love it!

I was wondering, now that you aren't so busy, would you mind sharing your lesson plans with your AG stuff? I am going to be going to school full time this fall, and my hands will be full so I'm not sure I'll have time to come up with a plan all my own. You could send me an email if that would be easier and if you wouldn't mind. :) (And if not that is ok, I just think it is such a fabulous idea!) TIA (

DebW said...

love coming by your blog! you have fabulous pics and you are a horse owner like me ;)
haven't been by in a while...last post I read was when you gals all got stuck up at the cabin and had to wait for the snow to clear so hubby could pick you guys up.

Mere said...

Omg you are sooo BUSY! You should paste that bumper sticker all over your vans....that's nuts! Penelope's horse show sounds like it was soooo much fun! Oh my!

Love, Mere

P.S. They will have SO MUCH FUN at theatre camp...send them with cameras because I WANT TO SEE PICTURES!!

Kim said...

May is always the busiest time of the year, isn't it?! Sounds like your girls are having lots of fun, though . . . here's hoping for great weather all summer!