Thursday, May 13, 2010

Meet Carhartt the Puppy!

Introducing Carhartt, a temporary addition to the family/zoo! He is a Wolf/Akita/Husky mix cutie pie, and we are fostering him while we find him an adoptive family. Yes, we are in love with him already, but we have a pretty full house around here, so we are not getting any new canine buddies. :) I will just have to love him from afar. I do hope we find a home near us, so I can watch him grow and develop. He is going to be quite a striking, handsome fella. And a nice friend.
Carhartt really is beautiful, with his legs that look like he stepped in fresh paint, his mesmerizing blue eyes, and his "heart" on his chest. He has a sweet temperment, likes to cuddle, and gets along with other dogs. I'm really enjoying the nice puppy fix, and so are the girls. We have had puppies for three out of the last five years, so we are used to it. We are spending some time training him a bit, so that he can be pleasure to his next family, and will be well on the way to being a well-behaved and well-socialized family dog. He already likes to be a reading buddy! :)


Lana said...

oh I'm sold.

Wish you were closer!

Julie said...

He's beautiful. Wish you were closer, we're looking for a dog.

Cindy said...

those eyes are

glitzen said...

He's GONE now. I came back to this post just to look at that face, looking up at me. HE's with a wonderful family, and I'm going to go visit him soon. I just miss him soooooo much. :(