Monday, July 19, 2010

Fourth of July Picnic..on the Third of July!

We had our annual BIG family picnic at our house again this year. This is our 14th year hosting it at our place! We love having family here, and I love that someday all of these children will be grown up, and they will have fond memories of "Aunt Geri's house" and the fun we had here each Fourth of July.

We held it on the third this year, because the fourth was on a Sunday, and we would not have had as much time, after church and annual parade.

We had our son home! Lex was on leave from S Korea, and got to see the whole family while he was home. It was really neat timing, that he could get in on the picnic..he loves it.

We had games for all ages, going all day, and prizes for each game! Lots of other activities too, including group photo (I hired a photographer to come on location), miniature horse trick show, volleyball tournaments, "Guess the Watermelon Weight" contest, and much more. We had a great turnout! And the weather was not super sunny, but pleasant..and no we'll take it. :)

I took a ton of photos, but here are a few favorites..of some of my favorite people in the world..FAMILY!!!!!!

This was part of our big scavenger hunt, the whole team had to make a pyramid and have their photo taken, to cross it off of their list. I do the scavenger hunt each year, and its a favorite with the kids. They are all eager for their 8th bday, because then they are old enough to "hunt".
Balloons waiting for the waterballoon tossing contest, and the FIGHT that follows!

My beautiful daughter and her handfuls of FUN. :)

The winning balloon for the teenagers...his trick was to warm it up in his pocket (shhhhh!)

A cutie on every step. :)

She did what she was told, holding her tiny hands just "so" and waiting. But when the balloon burst on her T-shirt, she had a few sniffles. Next year she will understand the whole thing a bit better. :)

Sisters waiting their turn. Sooooo sweet.

Penelope won the watermelon contest this year! She guessed the weight right ON!

Winner and still CHAMPION! This cousin of mine has never been defeated in the pie eating contest. This year he was challenged three times! And he kept winning! That's THREE pies! Ugh. But he loves it. (even beat his grandpa this year!)

The crowd is always fun to watch during the contests!

Classic. Little Oceanna and her first pie. She didn't win, she was too dainty..but oh so fun to watch her sweet approach.

Babies in a sack! Getting them ready to someday hop over the finish line on their own. Future champs!

The little guys race for the finish line!

Winner! She was SOOOOO proud of her wading pool she got as her prize. She carried it around with her throughout the day.

Mukluk makes some new friends.

Maranatha loved the airplane swing. She's such a happy little girlie!

Look how happy that little "driver" is! (and the passenger hangs on for dear life)

My handsome Daddy and my sweet Chena.

Spontaneous show of affection. I caught this cutie in the act of smooching on her little cousin. She's so sweet!

He's all BOY. I think I'm loving this more than if I had captured a smile. :)

Flying high! I love her cute shoes.

Friends, and this year's lawn decorators...good job girls!

Brothers, pals, and wrestling partners. I was so surprised when they smiled and posed for me suddenly..(in the middle of a smack down!)

End of the day. Worn out from all the fun!


Mere said...

Once again you're making me wish I would've been there! I love the braiding in the girls' hair and everyone looks spectacular! I love seeing the fun everyone had and such love on their faces! Good job "Aunt Geri!" You pulled it off again!

Love, Mere

Kim said...

Now this is the way the 4th is meant to be celebrated! FABULOUS pictures!

I love your idea to hire a photographer, and may steal it for the next big party we have. When my daughter turned 10 in May, we threw her a big outdoor party at home with all her friends and I was too busy with the food, games, etc. to take more than a handful of pics.

Wingnut said...

Wowweee but that is some of the finest looking children gathered in one spot that I have ever seen. Everytime I thought I had just seen the cutest one, the next picture proved me wrong! Great shots Aunt Geri! I think I'm coming to your house next year...of to plan my July 2011 trip to Alaska!

Brandy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics Geri!! I so want to go to your picnic!! Looks like SO much fun!!

glitzen said...

Thanks Kim! Our photographer only did our group photo, but I like your idea too...its hard for me to take as many as I want. I had my camera hanging around my neck all day, and just kept shooting! :)