Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Summer Moments

What have we been up to? I have to look at my pictures to remember! Summer is going too fast, as always. Its been kind of a rainy summer, quite cool and windy too. But we don't seem to have slowed down much, we try to ignore the weather and just go and have fun anyway. Here are some pictures from summer so far, just random shots of moments in time that I didn't want to forget.
Penelope and Mukluk at the SEA horse show. I like how Mukluk's french braids turned out.

Dandelion among the clover. A weed among

Chena on Mid Summer Night's Dream, in English classes.

Chena and Duvall in Western classes at the SEA Show in Soldotna.

Duvall's pretty mane, ready to go for the horse show.

Friends who came to stay for a week! Such fun we had with these wonderful guys. We don't get to see them often enough, so getting to have them here was AWESOME.

Chena and Charlotte leaving in the float plane, on the way to the cabin overnight.

One of our hay crew, during haying week. I got to drive the truck and trailer, while the crew slung bales on the back. We got over 300 bales, and it feels so great to have our hay for the winter! Its always an adventure, and this year we are done so early. Its awesome.

We spotted these guys near the side of the road, on Turnagain Arm. Its cliffs on one side of the road, and water on the other.

Midnight (that's right!) at the float pond.

Penelope out "mudding" on the flats, at a beach near us. A favorite spot to go!

Mt McKinley, from the plane as we flew to Fairbanks. It was so very clear that day. Spectacular sight.

Drive in dog wash. Poor Pluto.

Wow, her hair is getting so long! She let me put some of my favorite Pansies in it.

The girls, getting ready to head out to the hangar, for a "sleepover" at home. :)

Seldovia boat harbor. The seagull posed just for me, I think.

A flowering onion. So pretty! I love taking pictures of unusual flowers.

Me and the girls on the Fourth of July, in Seldovia.
I love that place!


Mere said...

I love Duvall's mane! It really is GORGEOUS! It looks like y'all have had a blast this summer, but I'm so sad it's gone by so fast :(

Love, Mere

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Wonderful photos and life! I love the photo of Cheena and her doggy on the float plane! Perfectly captured! And dandelion.. cuteness! OH! And the hay dude! Awesome shot!

Lovin' summer with you!

And, a great music play list girl!

Kim said...

That mane is indeed gorgeous. Wow!

Seeing the hay picture reminded me of my teenage years and having to help my dad stack the hay that we baled in our field. Such heavy (and scratchy) work!

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I've never spent the 4th in Seldovia, and I'm from Homer!! I've always heard that it's one of the best places for the 4th of July.

Great pics! Send out that photo of McKinley to family and friends as your Christmas gift this year. Stunning!

Helena said...

That midnight sky is amazing!