Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Here, There, and Everywhere...Pets

Its pretty funny right now, around here. We have extra animals, and some of ours are in various places. Its kind of hard to keep track of everyone! So here is the rundown on the Litzen Zoo:

Dandelion (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) is at a friend's kennel being bred for possible November puppies!

Charlotte (Yellow Lab) flew out to our lodge with Michael, and wont' be back until end of Sept!

Pluto (Rat/Fox Terrier) is home.

Duvall (Arabian horse) is at a stables in Soldotna so we can do some jumping and dressage.

Mid Summer Night's Dream (Quarab horse) is home..and missing Duvall.

Mukluk (mini horse) is home and missing Duvall and harassing Summer.

Stormy Night's Delight, a friend's miniature horse, is here for a month or so while I do some training with him. He needed a mini friend for awhile too. (will have pics of him soon!) He's so cute!

Carhartt, a friend's Wolf/Akita/Husky dog, is here for two weeks while they are on vacation.

Remember Carhartt? We got him as a foster puppy, then adopted him out.

When we had him:

And NOW!

All the other pets; bunnies, cats, and frog, are here at home.

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Wingnut said...

Your pet list is worse than mine! LOL! Love the updated pic of Carhartt!