Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winter Scenes

The days are getting longer! Spring is not here yet, but the promise of it is starting to grow on me. Seem like a reality. I love that...
Duvall wants spring to come so we can ride everyday!

I seem to have a lot more energy. I catch myself racing around the house, getting a TON done and not just wanting to take naps. My hibernation period is over..ha ha. I want to be outside, and now that its getting dark so much later, we all have more time to do that. We can ski, and not end up skiing home in the dusk by 3 pm.

We have three moose hanging around our house. Larry, Curly, and Mo. They seem to think its the place to be. They can be kind of a pain, because we have to be careful when we go outside to see where the Stooges are hanging out. We have to watch when the dogs are loose. A moose can kick a dog and maim or kill them easily.

Penelope took this picture of Mo. I was being lazy so she took Griswold (my camera) and ventured outside. I told her to be careful. Its awfully easy to think of them as gentle and harmless. But they can be very very dangerous.

Our poor lonesome lawn swing. Neglected and eager for summer. Our family spends lots of time on it during spring and summer. We have breakfast there. We sit and read books. We have a snack and talk on the phone. We lay down for a lazy swinging nap. We take family photos on it. We decorate it for the Fourth of July. We tie mini horses to it, or dogs. We have picnics here too.

I love Chickadees. They come everyday to eat from our bird feeder, or the suet hangers. They are so pretty, and they sing such a cheerful song. This is a male. The females are much more shy, but they are a bland, soft brown color.

Winter scenes. Enjoy it while you can...I have it on good authority that SPRING is coming!!!


Mere said...

Girl I have MISSED YOU!!!!! I, as usual LOVE your pictures and your header totally rocks!!

Love, Mere

Kim said...

For the life of me, I cannot figure out that first picture. It's beautiful, but what is it? A closeup of frost on wood?

These photos have inspired me to go outside and take some macro shots. This February in particular is feeling so cold and grey to me . . . need to find the beauty!

Tricia said...

<3 your pictures, <3 your life, <3 your heart! :) Thanks for sharing.