Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sledding Partaaay!

One of our traditions between Christmas and New Year's is to have a giant sledding party. Everyone just brings sleds, all types of sleds, warm gear..and lots of energy for walking up the KILLER hill. :)

We always have a ton of fun. Its usually mostly family because, well..that's plenty! We are a big crew. We have all ages, if they can walk..they can walk up a hill. Or we pull them up on sleds. It can be dangerous walking back up, dodging missiles as they go zooming by. You have to hope they know how to steer!

"Hi Auntie! Goodbye Auntie!"

After they get worn out sledding, the kids start "surfing" down the hill. On anything they can get their hands on. "Runner sleds" are popular surfboards, oh MY. I have to snap a picture, then close my eyes and look away!

Of course the adults have to jump in and play too. But SOME might cheat and snag a ride up the hill....lazy bum. JK.

We all know its time to go home when the kids start trying to impale themselves on trees while boarding down a cliff. Okay, party over...see you next time.

(but there is ALWAYS time for a white-washing victim or two..)


Danae said...

Oh, the many, many memories of sledding fun on the hill. There has never been another hill that I have found like it and I finally figured out that it wasn't the hill but the family on the hill. (Yeah, I can be slow sometimes.) Wish we were there to do some sledding too but sure enjoyed the pictures of everyone having fun.

Kim said...

Looks like sooo much fun! My girls went sledding a few times, but with just a couple friends and not as cool a hill as yours!

Mere said...

I have never been sledding but it looks like tons of fun! So many memories have been made I'm sure with thise sledding parties! You're such an AMAZING mom!!!!!!!! I would LOVE to do that someday! Missed you xoxox

Love, Mere

Disneypal said...

Great photos - looks like everyone had so much fun!