Monday, August 11, 2008

Friends and Fun in Fairbanks!

Every year we go to Fairbanks to visit friends, and all of our favorite places. Its kind of my old stomping grounds, as I used to live there for a few years when I was still single and teaching school. I love it there!

This year we were especially happy, because we got to go with Mom! She is so much fun on road trips..or any trips. We are a great team, actually, because we both love to be spontaneous, both need coffee to really get going in the mornings, both ADORE beautiful scenery, both are content to just enjoy the day as it comes, both LOVE adventure, both are sun-seekers, both LOVE LOVE LOVE to read a great novel (enjoy the same authors, even!) or do a crossword puzzle, both love to fish, and both are ready to take off on a moments notice, if it means getting a TAN.

So, off we went!

We saw lots of pretty scenery, like up in this mountain pass between us and Anchorage. These plants called "Pushki" look like fluffy snow.

Everyday heaven. I consider myself a tourist in my own state! I never ever tire of the splendor that I am privilaged to view so regularly.

We got to Fairbanks, after a 12 hour drive, and went to my friend Janet's house. It was so nice to finally get there! The girls and Dandelion were patient travelers, but we were all tired and ready to crash.

The next day we went to Farmer's Market, one of our favorite stops. We love their fruit pies!

and their fresh flowers and produce

and meeting up with friends! Here are some dear friends of ours:

Cute little Isaac! This was just a few moments after I saw him, after not seeing him for months. He was happy to see us!

We took an hour ride one day out to Chena Hot Springs. A favorite spot!

There is a beautiful rock pool, and HOT HOT water to soak in. Ahhhh.

Mom loved the cool water fountain in the middle. So did I. The "Rock Lake" got sooo hot, you could hardly stand it in some places. The cold water raining down on your head felt SOOO refreshing!

The girls had a blast in the inside pool. They got new squirt guns, just to use against each other when they got there!

We did a lot of laying in the sun! It was so very beautiful out, and hot. We spent as much time as possible getting tan.

We stopped on the way back to do some fishing at a gorgeous spot on the Chena River. And here is MY Chena, who is named after this river.

Penelope had fun with Dandelion, teaching her to swim further and further, after her stick!

We went to the park a lot, the one we call Hot Licks Park, because its near Hot Licks icecream stand. The icecream is made from Creamer's Dairy. Its so yummy. The girls played on the swings, after finishing huge cones with names like Prudhoe Bay or Nanook's Nosh. But, they had some competition for the swings. Somebody kept beating them to them. Guess who?

We all sure had a blast. We kept deciding to stay "one more day" until I think my poor husband was planning to fly up and DRAG me home! Finally we heard enough reports that the weather at home had taken a turn for the better, and we packed up and headed home. We were reluctant to leave, but made a TON of fun new memories to sustain us until next year! Bye Fairbanks! Love ya to bits!


Francine said...

Oh wow, those mountains are GORGEOUS. Wish we had mountains here in Holland :)

Carole said...

Thank you for sharing your trip with us, I love all the pictures, so interesting and beautiful! I want to go to Hot Licks!!!
Btw, I tagged you here:

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

What awesome pics, looks like your family had such a great time. I love the mountain pictures, they are amazing. And your pup is adorable.


Lori said...

I miss Fairbanks!
Your Mom looks fabulous!

Leah said...

Mom is so going to kill you for those shots of her.

Heh heh.

Mother Goose said...

Looks and sounds like a wonderful trip!

KraftyKerilou said...

What a gorgeous area! The photos are just wonderful. I would love to visit someday!! Those hot springs are divine looking!! Kerilou