Friday, August 15, 2008

Take Me Out to the Hay Field

Take me out to the hay field

Take me out to the hay

Buy me a Blizzard at Dair-y Queen

I don't care if you think that I'm mean

but I'm not not not comin back again

I'm not coming back to haul hay

Get somebody else there to drive your old truck

Don't have somebody else?

well....I guess then you're STUCK.

But its root root root for the baler

and shame shame shame on the rain

for its one, two, three tons you got

(and you are only half done)


Ok, so I made this version of Take me Out to the Ball Game up myself. But its the song I can imagine our hay crew singing under their breath at me! (not you, Daddy!) Especially when we drive an hour to the fields, pick a few bales, wait an hour while the broken baler gets fixed, pick some more hay, wait for rain clouds to pass, go back another day, get some more hay, (but not enough) wait a few more days, go back a new field...get some MORE hay, stack it, strap it, unstack it, strap it TIGHTER, and finally haul it home! Sound like fun to YOU?

It actually is fun. I still don't know why the homeless guy with the "Will Work for Food" sign would not pitch bales with us. Guess he has something against Taco Bell? All I can tell you is this. NOPE. He will NOT work for food. He lied.

But, there are other who WILL! (C'mon guys, can't you just taste that Dairy Queen icecream?)

Thanks for the help, Dad! You are the best!

But even without the drug addict on the corner helping us out like he promised, we managed to get all of our hay all tucked in at home. All six tons. It feels good, let me tell ya!

I want to thank all my people, you know who you are, for helping us out again this year. I appreciate you so much!
And, I'm not the only one who is happy for all the new hay in the barn. So are these guys.


KraftyKerilou said...

Boy, this brings back memories of growing up on the farm! I have "slung" haybales in years! Glad you got such a good, productive, day in!

glitzen said...

me too mommy!
wherever thay take me, I hope you are there too!