Friday, August 1, 2008

Cousins! (this is for you, Lex)

Well, my son who is stationed in Germany with the Air Force has not seen his cousins in a LONG time. When I told him there were pictures on our blog, he said he did not know who was who!

Everyone has grown a lot, so this post is for Lex. By the way, he misses YOU ALL!

This is Evelyn J. (age 4)
Celina J (age 13) and Chena (he knows that one!)
Penelope, Tessa (age 9) and Richele (age 10) Tiana (age 15) 16 next! Chena and Sullivan (age 10) but turned 11 six days later! Third from left is Celina, then Tiana, then Erica, (age 12).

The cute boy in the flag hat is Jimmy (age 11). The only pic I could find of the famous camera-dodger...ha ha. The little guy in the brown coat is Oliver (age 7)

All these pictures are recent, from this summer. So now you can see how everyone has grown!


Anonymous said...

Aunt Leah loves you too, Lex!

You can see more pictures of cousins at our family blog site

Miss ya!

Lori said...

Hi Lex! Remember Crazy Lori and her son Preston?

Wow, Ger! I haven't seen all of these kids since they were little! That was fun to look at! Tiana is almost 16! I can't beleive it! And Leah's daughters look so much like her. So beautiful, just like Leah! Hi Leah!