Monday, July 21, 2008

This is Penelope

This is an autobiography by Penelope. She wrote this for school, but I thought I would share it here on our family blog.

My name is Penelope Kay Litzen. I am nine, and I was born on October 17th, in 1998. I love the Lord! I love dogs too, especially Shelties and Terriers. I love swimming, drawing, and bright pretty colors. I like to ride my horses, ride my bike, and play b-ball.

My favorite subjects in school are science and especially P.E

I have an eleven year old sister named Chena D. My mom's name is Geri Kay and my dad's name is Michael James. I have a brother named Lex too.

My best friends are Chloe and Jemmi. I have 12 first cousins, (but one is not born yet) and I have no idea how many second or even third cousins I have!

I collect agates, and I have lots of pets. I have a bunny named Mossy Meadow, a Rat Terrier/Fox Terrier named Pluto, and a cat named Penguin. Those are just MY pets. We have lots more.
My favorite foods are pizza, breakfast foods (like breakfast burritos!) enchiladas, PB & J, syrup sandwiches, and all kinds of bread.

Thats all I have for you so far!


Lorri said...'s Lorri from Terrible and Beautiful. Just checking out your blog...I LOVE your essay on blogs vs. real life (you saw what my teenager said about me yesterday!)

Just wanted to mention, since you liked my Isaiah verse, to be sure to check out what I called bible study resources because I use that verse...check it out, starting on July 10th.

by the way...adorable children and puppy!

Lori said...

Penelope! You are so sweet! You are a really good writer, too. It sounds like you have a wonderful and full life.