Thursday, July 3, 2008

Summer Bliss

Boy oh boy, that would not have been my sentiments a few days ago. Nothing slows us down, and we have still been having lots of fun, but I was due for some SUN! I kept my sunny spirits up for all of June, and was rewarded finally with a stretch of sunshine. Love it!

We got together with some friends, and just spent the day with one big party! Lots of sprinkler fun, sack races, hand jives, dancing, goodies, bubbles, giggles, squeals, and more giggles!

Racing through the sprinkler, otter pops in hand. Ahhh, childhood! Sweet Twinkle Toes!
Did you ever see a cuter gaggle of girls? Didn't think so!Up on the rooftop of the playhouse, blowing bubbles (they go higher that way!)

What a wonderful day!
Everyone knows what a sentimental fool I am. So I will just go with it.
We are so blessed to have such dear friends, who love the Lord, care about one another deeply, and know the value of friendship. These girls get along, share and compromise, demonstrate kindness, and show through their actions that Christ is deep within their hearts in a very real way. So that even in the midst of silly summer fun, something bigger is developing in them that will carry them throughout their many relationships as they grow into adults. Gotta love that.

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Lori said...

So sweet! That is the cutest gaggle of girls I've ever seen. Pure joy shining on their faces!