Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Favorite Place, Quartz Creek!

I love Cooper Landing. It is not too far away, less than two hours, (not too many potty stops, and just enough coffee wagons!) and its absolutely stunning there. We have a favorite place, a campground right on Kenai Lake called Quartz Creek.

We decided to take a day trip there, and meet some friends who drove down from Anchorage to spend the day with us. Lucky us, my Mom went along too!

Me and my mom, a terrific team!

I could not believe what a gorgeous day it turned out to be! We have not had the best of luck with our summer weather so far, so we enjoyed this one immensely. The children even went swimming!

Here is little Caleb, a bit cold but still daring!

Chena goes splashing right in!

Happy happy girl!

She needs nothing. Just laying on the beach and reading her book tickles her pink.

View across Kenai Lake.

Cutie pie Penelope in her too-short bathrobe as a swim cover-up. Works great! Dries fast!

The children had fun playing with Dandelion. We put her pen near the shore, so she could be safe but could bark at the waves and dig in the sand, and get nice and wet and dirty. She loved it!Yep Mom, keep working on that crossword puzzle. I am sure the kids, puppy, and my constant interrupting to visit with you won't slow you down one bit! And besides, who cares what a five letter word for "chaos" is?

Is it even possible to drive through Soldotna at dinner time and not stop by Taco Bell? My car turns in there as if on auto-pilot! Mom and Chena Danae:

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Lori said...

Your Mom is so young looking!
Oh, that looked like so much fun. What a beautiful day with beautiful scenery. ahh