Friday, June 6, 2008

Meet Dandelion!

Its been a long time but she was worth the wait! This little Pembroke Welsh Corgi has been a bright spot on our horizon ever since she was just a tiny blur on an ultrasound..and yes, they DO that. The breeder has faithfully been sending us pictures all along, as they grew, where born, grew some more, and were finally ready to come home.

We named her Mavrik's Dandy Little Lion, or "Dandelion".
How cute does cute get? I cannot tell you how fast you can fall in love with a face like that, but pretty darn fast. She is silly, spunky, and all sweetness at the same time. If low-to-the-ground equals adorable, she has that wrapped up too. Her legs are so short she nearly wobbles rather than walks. And when she runs, sometimes her hind end gets there first.
We named her Dandelion, even before we knew how much she loved to pounce on them and wrestle them down with her teeth and fat paws. When we brought her home, we didn't have a single dandelion in our yard. But, lo and behold, overnight they sprang up as if to welcome her home.


Belinda said...

Ok I'll admit the dog is cute - is she good on road trips?!? Looks like horse camp was fun.

Lori said...

Dandylion is my screensaver at work. She gets lots of oohs and ahs.