Monday, June 16, 2008

Lots of Babies!

Moose babies, that is.

We had a fantastic and exciting Father's Day, and one we shall never forget, at the Moose Research Pens.

We drove two hours, one of them on a bumpy gravel road, but it was well worth it. After a long road trip, we passed through four steel gates and were inside the moose pens! We had been invited by a friend who works for Fish and Wildlife, to come and meet some special friends of his.

Here are four of these little guys:


div>When we arrived, we met all six orphans; Nugget (she was from Nome), Volga, Beverly, Jose, Uri, and Minneapolis "Minnie". We were amazed by their instant snuggling up to us, bold kisses, and absolute lack of fear. In fact, I have never been mauled more by a litter of puppies! They were just that, a pack of leggy fuzzy puppies who just happen to be the largest members of the deer family, and who just happen to be wild animals. But don't tell them that, because they certainly would reject the notion, or just be too busy licking our ears to notice any logic directed their way. They sat on our laps, chased us around the pen in a merry game of tag (who needs Spain and the running of the bulls?) nibbled on our coats, sucked on our fingers, gave "kisses" and lay contentedly in one big pile of furry softness as the girls nestled in with them. Yep, an unforgettable experience. For all of us.

I was one happy girl, with all of that baby sweetness around me! Here I am, trying to make them take turns with kisses and wild affection!


Michael got his share of moosey lovin too...........


Penelope and Minnie, taking a snooze in the moss.

Chena and Beverly!

Penelope loves Jose!


Little Nugget, from Nome:

Hey, those are EMPTY bottles, and that one isn't even YOURS!

The girls teach the babies how to eat browse.They are learning how to pull leaves off of the branches. They mostly wanted to pull at the girls' sleeves......


What a fun day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We talked all the way home about the babies, their individual personalities, and how much we enjoyed our time with them. I am pretty sure we will return soon, to see how they are growing and changing.

And of course, speaking of cute babies....our Dandelion went with us today. Here she is in a rare moment of holding still, after chasing leaves in the woods


Kim said...

Awesome pictures! You've got a great eye. What kind of camera are you using?

Jill said...

What sweet pictures! I should be working, but ALWAYS have time to see what excitement you guys have been up to!

Lori said...

You have the life! So many unique adventures. That was awesome to see. I'm so glad you guys at so much fun together.

Anonymous said...

I was just in your wonderful state and cannot imagine that those big, ugly animals that everyone told us to be afraid of, have such sweet and cuddly babies! Love reading about your family!


Kary said...

I saw your post over at 2peas about the bear and came over to check out your blog and am so glad I did!! Love this post about the baby moose--my kids were cracking up looking at your photos!! (Boy, do they have big tongues---eeeowww!!)
You have an awesome blog and I'll be sure to check back often!! TFS!!