Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wild Ride!

Super duper fun awaits you when you take a windy lake, a fast boat, a rope, a COUCH, and laughing children! We went to some friend's of ours for a BBQ, and they introduced us to a really fun, wet and wild adventure. Hang on girls!
Getting ready to go out. Holding on quite tightly!

Coming right at me. Gonna get splashed!

Everybody get ready! Wanna try to flip it? (all the girls say "Yeah!")

Dandelion on the dock. She wanted to chase the boat.

The guys hanging out by the fire.

Zooming right by! Still have not flipped it, but waves are getting bigger!

As the wake gets bigger and they keep jumping it, those little girls are flying high! They want to flip it sooooo bad!
Oooops, there they go. And they are in the drink. Success!

Before they flipped!

And after!
They sure had a blast. Sure, they were shivering, staggering over to the fire, covered with goosebumps and begging for warm blankets and s'mores. But they would not trade it for anything!

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Helena said...

Cute before and after pictures. I see you lost one. ;)