Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!

It was another fantastic McGahan family picnic at our place. We have hosted it for eleven years, and I totally love it! Its so much fun to just see all the family, all those faces we love, and faces we know, and even faces we know and love. LOL. Its all good!

We thought we might get rained out, but planned on opening up the hangar if it came down to that. It would be dry in there for the food at least, and the games could still go on outside. But, it dried up as we got home from the parade, and stayed nice all day! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uncle Dale and Aunt Donna. He's our hero who said the weather would improve, and not to worry! Amazing weather-man in our midst.

Tons of photos, so I will just throw a bunch on here for the family who could not make it. Maybe if I am not too lazy, I will even caption a few so you know what is going on!

This is the live minnow that had to be captured in a dixie cup to win the Scavenger Hunt.

Proud to win a medal in the Sack Races!

The whole team had to form a pyramid, for the Scavenger Hunt. Oopsy Daisy!

And they are off! Heading back from the lake in the Scavenger Hunt.

My dad and his dear friend Dale, a wonderful visitor from Michigan.

Sack racing! They take this pretty seriously!

Penelope "watering flowers" in the Homestead Relay.

Drat those chickens keep escaping! Rounding up live hens for the Homestead Relay!

Volleyball is always a favorite, they grab teams and ROCK and ROLL! (and don't stop!)

Cute little egg hunter!

Water balloon fight! And I think eventually they went straight to the garden hose!

Proud to be little Americans!

Sandbox Dig time for the littlest ones. Lots of coins to find, but they were not sure what to do.

Help me Daddy!

What a handsome Daddy of mine! And wow, my flowers look GOOD t00!

Big Chief Cook-Em-Dogs, aka Uncle Beaver.

Getting all that good food out on the table, while hungry folk hover nearby.

Okay wise guy, walking by while I took a pic!

This was at the parade:

My cute husband and my cute puppy! I am a pretty lucky girl, huh?

Sweetest girls ever, at the parade in Kenai.

Almost lost Chena, when the girls from her riding stables grabbed her and threw her on a float! We had to chase after her, and pull her off again, or would have never found her after!

Grand Champion Float! Made by our family, the Broussards. It was amazing!!!!!!!!

Just the most adorable doggie at the parade.........

These are my fantastic Daddy and Mommy. They are always fun to watch the parade with!

Super enthusiastic Chena Girl.

Penelope and Dandelion.

Now watch who wins hands down (behind the back?) in the pie-eating contest. Yep, winner and still CHAMPION, Matt B! Notice his son coaching him. Also notice the crazed lady with the hairnet who keeps pushing more pie over toward him using her nose. Yeah, we know Mom. Totally innocent.

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