Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Demise of Moldy the Frog..Dissection Time!

For Science class yesterday, we had a frog dissection. But first, we had to make our frog. That's right, I don't do real well with real dead animal dissections, so since I'm the teacher I got to decide to go a gentler route.
We "made" our frog by putting him together, organ by organ, then the skeletal system around him, and finally by creating his gelatenous "skin" and "tissues". We named him "Moldy" because we made him with a mold. (and, we figure, if we left him around long enough he would probably get moldy...)

Putting Moldy together...

His stomach goes on next.. now here we are mixing the green gunk that will become his skin and tissues..

After the mold is poured, we wait for an hour and a half for him to set up, and await his slow and agonizing death.

Heeeeres Moldy!

Sorry Moldy, but its for your own good. Well, its for the good of our students at Litzen Homeschool, anyway. Now just grin and bare it. (ha ha)

The first incision is made in the middle of the ventral side (underside) of the frog beginning just below (posterior) the back of the jaw all the way to the tail (caudal) of said frog.Thanks, Moldy, for all you did today. Your memory will live forever in our hearts. (and in yours, which we kept)


Wingnut said...

Geri! You must tell me where you found Moldy! My son would love doing that!

Kim said...

What an absolutely great idea! My 9-year-old's teacher is a hunter and trapper, so her class has watched a dissection of a lynx and a marten . . . without the benefit of formaldehyde *UGH*

glitzen said...

Wing, its made by Smithsonian kits, and I bought it at at toy/homeschool store. Its totally FUN!

Disneypal said...

Kinda of ewwww and kinda cool all at the same time.

wholarmor said...

That's very cool! I liked dissecting in high school(we got cats), but I don't know if I will do a real animal with our kids when they get older.