Sunday, March 14, 2010

Winter Whine

Yes, its time for winter whining. There is a joke that is told here in Alaska. It goes like this: What's the Alaska state bird? The Ptarmigan. What is the Alaska state motto? North to the Future. What is the Alaska state wine (whine) "I wanna go to Hawaiiiiii".

Anyway, its still winter here, and everyone is posting beautiful pictures of tulips and daffodils on their blogs elsewhere. But that's ok. I am going to keep trudging through the snow, slipping on the ice, shoveling snow in the driveway and wood into the woodstove...and not complain. Much. And you in the lower 48 states, don't you worry your little sun-bleached heads about it. :)

Its been busy. Michael is on the Iditarod, flying clients along the trail. My friend is visiting us from Fairbanks, and she brought her little dog, Windsor, along. So its a bit crazy with four dogs but we are enjoying the entertaining aspects of it. Had a fuel leak in the hangar, so a bit of a panic there..but now its repaired and I have been trying to do the clean up. Scrubbing diesel off the floor on my hands and knees is kind of hard work though!

Yesterday we played outside most of the day, because you know, winter always looks better from the outside, than from inside the house looking out. I played with and trained Mukluk a bit more. We had a major breakthrough! I taught him to roll on command. I will post a video soon, but in the meantime, here is Mukluk just loose and wild and having a ball. If only we all had his energy!


Sugar-n-Spice said...

what a beautiful picture on your header! i haven't been here in awhile... it was fun to hang out awhile and catch up. Loved the "Moldy" frog post... and the horse soccer one, too.

Yes, I'm sure "Faith" (not her real name) would love a pen pal. We should set that up!

Kim said...

That Mukluk is so stinkin' cute!!

Oh, goodness, I'm guilty of whining this year. We were all reminiscing about Disneyland last night, and ended up watching our home movie from our last trip there! Just when I think I can't stand it, though, we go and have a gorgeous day like today and I know I can make it. Plus, it's St. Patrick's Day, which is when I start planting my seeds indoors . . . summer's on its way!

Janet said...

Oh- I'm so glad I got to be there for this! It makes me feel like I haven't missed out on everything. I'm glad I saved the worst part of being sick for when I returned home. =( Windsor misses the girls and dogs terribly, but not so much the cats. Thanks for everything.