Saturday, October 11, 2008

Signs of the Times

Our homeschool had a different kind of social studies class last Friday. We stood out on a street corner for four hours, holding signs during the local mayoral elections! It was TONS of fun. Even during the snowstorm. (and afterwards, the kids made a snowman who helped hold up signs!)

Ya see, it all started when my folks hosted a meet n greet coffee/cake get together at their home, to invite the community to get to know one of our candidates for mayor.

We all enjoyed being able to ask him questions about local issues, and really have the opportunity to be heard, and to get a feel for where he would take us in the future, if he were elected borough mayor.

I liked what I heard, and decided to do my best to help him win. And that is how we came to be sign-holders at the polls on the big day.

I think it was important for the girls to see how politics work, how you can get involved on a small or big level, and why our concerns matter. Plus it was just super neat and plain old fun to wave at everyone we knew as they went by. In our small town, we know just about everyone! And they all smiled, waved, honked their horns, or even stopped to say hello. From, across the street the owner of the gas station walked over with some hot coffee and real creamer. When we went into the fire station on the corner to use the restroom, the firemen there offered us hot chocolate and smiled and joked with the kids.

I just love our little town, and I am happy I am able to raise my girls to know that their opinions matter, and how even getting involved on a small level can make a difference. And ya know, our guy even won! He is the new mayor!


Denise K. said...

What an awesome social studies lesson for the girls! You are such a wise mom, and what a neat experience for the kids to get a taste of local politics!

Your caramel apples looked terrific, and I am impressed!!!!

Oh yes, just had to share with you that I got to canter for the first time on Tues! Yippee!

Love your blog! :-)

Annie said...

Brr. Snowing already. It's still upper 80's in south Texas, I can't imagine....

Good job getting the kids involved in local politics, much more important to your day to day than the national elections.

Lori said...

yay! That is so awesome!!!!
Good job!