Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Tail of Two Kitties

We have two wonderful feline friends. They are sisters, but look as different as night and day.

Chena and Penelope got them for Christmas. Yup, found them under the Christmas tree almost five years ago now. Chena said "Oh goodie...can we raise them?" (which I thought was a funny word for a six year old) and Penelope said "Are they really ours or do we have to give them back?" (which really makes us sound like we are big meanies on a regular basis, doesn't it?).

Anyway, We named them Penguin and Sparrow.

Penguin because she looks like this:

and Sparrow because she liked to fly off of the couch. But now she likes to sit in the cat house like this:

Which keeps her safe from invaders, like this one...

They really are sweet cats with the funniest personalities.

Here are ten facts about Penguin, or "Pingy" as we sometimes call her.

1. Runs up the stairs ahead of me if she thinks I'm heading for the shower

2. Hates Most dogs but likes Pluto and is veeeery curious about Dandelion

3. If I say "I'm going to get your foot" she flops over and playfully bites me

4. Likes to sleep on top of beds, preferable top bunks

5. Answers back any time you talk to her. I mean, EVERY time!

6. Has a serious thing for pipe cleaners. Goes crazy for them

7. Lays down on command (but only for Mom)

8. Has a "smile" of white fur under her mouth

9. Loves to go "to school" when we head for the classroom each morning

10. Follows us on walks in the woods

Sparrow is pretty silly too! Here are ten facts about Sparrow.

1. She isn't afraid of dogs. Stares them down but good!

2. She hides all the time, new hiding spots constantly

3. If she thinks we are leaving the house, she hides so she doesn't get put out

4. If you pick her up, she immediately turns to you and hugs you

5. Doesn't like the top bunk

6. She only meows when she is hungry or thirst, never just to say hello

7. If she gets in trouble, she doesn't care. She just flops down right there in front of you, like she is laughing at you

8. She hates the dogs, but never runs from them

9. She wants to be towel-dried after being out in the rain, and meows for it

10. She likes to cuddle first thing in the morning while I have my coffee


Denise K. said...

What beautiful kitties! Such a beautiful setting in the background too! We love feline friends, and it is remarkable how smart they are! Enjoy your two...meow!

Mandi said...

Oh, they are both so adorable! I love each of their characteristics! So cute! I love how cats are so "unique" to themselves! That cat house is adorable...and so ironic that Sparrow sits in it like a bird!

Loquacious said...

I love to look at kitties- but can't be near them. Hug yours for me, then!

Brandy said...

I'm not typically a cat person but I LOVE your cats - especially Penguin!!

Denise K. said...


Thank you for your caring and meaningful comment, YOU touched MY heart!!!!

I wanted to e-mail you privately, but I couldn't get the e-mail to come up on your profile. Could you send it to me...I just wanted to say a few more things! Thank you for saying all you did, "Glitzen" it really meant a lot to me.

Hug your daddy today, and since I can no longer hug my dad, will you please give your dad an extra hug for me?

Thank you again for filling my evening with peace.


The Empty Envelope said...

Aw they are gorgeous! I love Penguin's smile.
I will have to show this post to Em. He has been begging for years for a cat. Too bad 3 out of 4 of us are allergic!! He's the only non allergic:P.