Saturday, November 1, 2008

Best in Show or You Be the Judge!

Either way, it was fun. I was asked to be a judge for the annual Strut Your Mutt Dog Costume Contest at our local recreation center.

It was seriously a blast. I could not compete, since I was a judge, but we decided to dress up poor Pluto anyway, and take him along.

He was pretty "bugged" at us for his costume:

Ha ha, I am so punny.

Here he is with another little girl who was also dressed as a bee. She was naturally drawn to him, and kept coming to pet him.

We had prizes for Best in Show, Human and Canine, and Most Creative. My favorite was the fat black pug who came as a big black SPIDER. Shudder. But he was so ugly he was cute. (watch for him in the video at the end)

It was just tons of silly fun. Our town is small, so I was surprised to have almost 30 entries! So cute.

People's Choice Award went to a little girl dressed as a maid, with a long stick "mop" only the dustmop at the end was a shaggy Terrier. Way adorable, but made even cuter by the bucket she held with two "scrubbing pads". They were the two-week old puppies of the dustmop dog!

Enjoy this video of the Canine Cake Walk. Notice the music. I think its Scooby Doo?


The Empty Envelope said...

Hahah that dog is wearing jeans!!!! Jeans! On a DOG!!!

I need some sleep now...LOL.

PS Pluto makes a very cute bee:).

Denise K. said...

Oh what fun!!!! It looked like a terrific time, and what an honor to be a judge! I'm impressed! :-) Woof Woof!