Tuesday, November 25, 2008

If I Ran Away and Joined the Circus

as I feel like doing some days..............I would miss conversations such as this one between my children in the backseat of the van as they ate their bowls of icecream I had just gotten them.

Hmmm, this is good, how much do you have left?

I'm not telling. How much do you have left?

I'm not telling.

Just show me!


I bet you don't have much.

I do too. I bet I have more than you have left.

You do not.

I know I do, because I heard you scraping your bowl with your spoon.

HA! I did that just to make you think I was almost done! I have LOTS left!

Then show me.


I bet you don't have more than me, because I have been LICKING instead of biting.

Me too.

I bet you didn't. I bet you ate big bites.

I did not. I have lots left, more than you.

Then show me your bowl.

No. You show me YOUR bowl.

No. Not until you show me yours.

I'm not gonna show you mine, you will just have to guess. Just show me!

Okay, okay, LOOK. See how much I have left?

Oh DARN! You do have more than me. You better eat some right now. I mean it.

No. I am saving mine so I have more than you.

Okay, thats enough. Do you girls know what is really special about having the most icecream and finishing way after your sister?

No Mommy. What is special about it?

It means you have more to share with mommy, because I didn't get any.

That shut them up!

Hee hee. I had to secretly grin at listening to them. I remember the exact same thing in the backseat with my brothers when we were little. We would go to great lengths to hide how much we had left, like holding and concealing part of your lollipop in your hand, to taking our pieces of gum and showing them our empty box, to holding large chunks of candy in the back of our mouth, then spitting them back out and declaring ourselves the winner. Its crazy! Why do kids do that? It must be an unwritten rule of childhood. Do you remember doing it? What was the best trick to "winning" the war?


Loquacious said...

The best secret to winning at my house when I was a kid- licking or breathing VERY heavily on the item hotly desired by the other siblings. They then did not want it anymore and I had it all to myself and I could take as long as I wanted with it.

Leah said...

I totally remember doing that! I have a very clear memory of being in the back seat of the car and yelling at Rich, "You SAVER!!"


What is that, anyway? Ha! He was taking FOREVER to eat his ice cream cone.

Now my children do the same thing. They open their boxes of dots and count how many they each have, to see who has more! It's crazy.



Anonymous said...

If you really want to run off and join a circus, there's a great Circus School in VT with an awesome flying trapeze class! Kids must inherit a lot more than hair and eye color because the ability to annoy siblings is definitely a family trait!

Linda said...

LOL.... it sounds like you've been to our house!

Jess :) said...

I was the middle child - they all took whatever I had anyway and then told me I was adopted.
We did have our wars though, and they sounded a lot like your girls' war....