Friday, November 7, 2008

Wedding Day Story

I promised a story, then got busy. But I love hearing everyone else's memories!

Here is mine:

It was our wedding day and I was getting ready. We were keeping the tradition of not letting the groom see the bride, or vice versa.

He did not like this tradition, not one bit! Thought it was very silly, and wanted to see "my woman".

He was telling this to some friends of mine who were standing in the hall. He was all ready, and I was still having my hair done, etc.

So he asked if he could send me a note. They finally agreed, so he scribbled something down, and they brought it to me.

Our wedding was a morning wedding, at 11:00 Am. It was a beautiful clear day, crisp and sunny. I was really not at all nervous, just excited!

When my friend brought me a note and told me it was from him, I grabbed it eagerly. I thought "How romantic!" Whatever would my handsome groom have to say to me on this, our wedding day? I carefully opened it, and read, scrawled in his crooked writing "See You At 11:00"

I laughed and laughed. It was SO HIM. He is a very detailed person, attentive to schedules, charts, lists, etc.

Of course I kept the note. Its in our wedding scrapbook. He is a bit sheepish about it, but I absolutely love it. Its such a guy thing. Its so Michael. I love it.


Mandi said...

So sweet! And how cute that you kept it! Thanks for sharing!

Loquacious said...

Oh how cute! I sent an invitation to my Dude to our wedding... and have it in the scrapbook, too.

Denise K. said...

Love it!!! Men are so practical, and cute at the same time! How wonderful to have found your soul mate! Here's to 20 more years of happiness and good health! Cheers to the Litzen Family!!! :-)

Lori said...

Oh that's funny! Yes, definitely a guy thing.

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!

The Empty Envelope said...


John Tedder said...

I read your about page and I was just wondering, since your husband is a pilot and you fly around Alaska a lot, if you have ever heard the John Denver song "Alaska and Me?"

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.